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Thread: unknown Amiga demo name...
PO15KA 07:42 16th July 2011
hi everyone!

this has been bugging me for quite some time...i have asked few months ago on Amibay but no response, maybe better luck here

years ago, back in Poland in 1990 when i was visiting a mate of mine who owned A500, he had a demo playing on his Amiga...the only thing i can remember was the tune and the main screen.
the tune was most likely Technotronics or Black Box, the screen had a white background with a cartoon-ish character in the center of the screen.

does anyone know this demo and its name?

best regards,
Puni/Void 09:35 16th July 2011
Hi there Marcin,

Welcome to the forum!

Do you remember anything else from the production? Was it a one-screen demo with scrollers and effects?

Hope you'll find the demo you are looking for!
Demon Cleaner 11:53 16th July 2011
A little sparse description, if you consider how many demos there is. Could be difficult to find like that.
Shoonay 16:35 16th July 2011
What kind of cartoon-ish character?

Budbrain MegaDemo?
PO15KA 00:43 17th July 2011
apologies gents... so the music throughout the demo was black box or technotronics..thats for sure. the demo had a scrolling messages throughout the whole duration, and most likely no animation (except for the scrolling messages) whatsoever. there was a white background and a cartoon-ish character, i think it was a "clumsy" men falling over something. not animated, just still picture\drawing.

to me its more of a sentimental value (i know strange to have a sentimental meaning to a demo! right?) bcuase it was the FIRST ever demo\music demo i ever saw on amiga. the funny thing was, the mate who had the demo offered to copy it for me, but back then we were very poor and i ONLY had couple of 3.5" diskettes in my posession with stuff already on them so i refused

i did type in black box amiga demo in youtube but to no avail, few years ago. maybe one day someone will upload it and i hope to find it
Harrison 12:48 18th July 2011
If you could work out what the Black Box song was that might help greatly.
_SoLO_ 15:58 2nd October 2011
I am pretty sure it's DIGITAL CONCERT III from Flash Prod.
Check the video on YT :
Puni/Void 10:26 3rd October 2011
Hi there _SoLO_! Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by _SoLO_:
I am pretty sure it's DIGITAL CONCERT III from Flash Prod.
Check the video on YT :