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Thread: PS3 - lost faith after all the messing around by Sony
Bloodwych 12:08 6th July 2011
I've sold my PS3 - sick of Sony. Not just this security downtime and losing faith, but they took away Linux which I used for emulation and one of the reasons I bought it for - to replace my modded XBox.

The free online gaming was good, but after the downtime I realized I didn't miss getting stuffed by kids with infinitely more time on their hands or the elite attitude and game wreckers, so I'll stick to gaming with friends and a few beers in the same room. Much more enjoyable, much less frustrating and more free time. The headset was making me more anti-social and lazy. Now I'm actually meeting more people by going around their houses and inviting them around.

We recently had some games of Nitro Kart, Quake II, Bomberman, Unreal Tournament and a few others, either split screen or PC LAN. I haven't had so much fun in ages, more like gaming from when I was a kid and playing Supercars 2, Sensible Soccer, Worms etc. The beer helped too of course, but a few of my mates were just happy to escape the family for a while!

So back using the modded XBox with CoinOps 2 installed and good old PC gaming - have you guys tried it? It's awesome! I love modded original Xbox's, so cool for emulation of the classics! The fact the Xbox pad has a decent D-Pad and is set up to just work with all the systems helps enormously!

I'll invest in a new console when they can output true 1080p on TV's instead of 720p upscaling. Probably Wii or Microsoft next time though.
Tiago 14:03 6th July 2011
I agree with you.

Most of the times i went to online gaming i found myself playing with a lot of people that sent hours and hours playing, a bit frustrating trying to shoot someone that can play the game with eyes shut... there are a lot of people that spend 3/4/5 hours a day playing... sometimes that is the time i have in a week...
If you can have a session only with friends that play the same as you, it's ok, but most o f the times we dont have same free time... one can play on saturday, other on sunday... etc....
So i gave up playing on-line... i only play single-player games, or as you said, with some friend in the same room... much better.
Bloodwych 14:25 6th July 2011
I agree, online gaming with trusted users is still fun and the best way, but getting everyone on the same game at the same time can be hard just as you said.

I can understand those who still love it however, I guess I was just burned out and the downtime made me realize I could have a break until the next consoles arrive. Even then, I may not be as enthusiastic to go back to online gaming in the same manner as before, especially if these other interests take hold.

A lot of my friends have had kids now and are hitting mid thirties, so they are ready to escape the house when the wife allows! Looks like we can get a few game meets in a month if I'm lucky!
Harrison 14:38 6th July 2011
I'm a big fan of the PS3 and wouldn't get rid of mine. I've got loads of games to play offline so am not that bothered by online gaming.

Downloadable content is another matter. I really missed access to the PS store when the network was down as I enjoyed the "free" monthly content for Plus members. The free games on its return were a nice welcome back though so I wasn't too bothered.

I only play online very occasionally though.

Mostly the online elements I use are for highscore tables in things like Pacman, or obtaining extra events or bonus items in games like GT5. I hardly ever play against others online in such games.

I also agree that people who camp out in certain games and devote their whole lives to being the best at a game just makes it a very bad experience for everyone else, and is a little sad to me that they have nothing better to do in their lives. I never get enjoyment from being shot 5 seconds after each reload into a game. That makes me disconnect quicker than anything. However I've got Battlefield 1943 on the PS3 and still enjoy logging into that for a quick game, and I find the people in that game are not as diehard as most games, but instead equally relaxed gamers looking for a bit of enjoyment. I've yet to be part of a 1943 game where I feel completely out of my league and can enjoy hoping into the various vehicles and having some fun.

Regarding Linux and emulation. I was also annoyed Sony removed the second OS ability from the PS3, but you can understand their reasons. It was a security threat to the system and their business. However, with a hacked PS3 these days you can still open it up to run emulation, and anything else you like, so it isn't just a problem any more.
Bloodwych 14:50 6th July 2011
As mentioned above, I can understand people loving the PS3 and the network has some great features for the casual front room gamer.

I'm glad you're still getting enjoyment out of it - beats losing money selling it, but as I said I think I was just burned out and ready for change.
Phantom 15:13 6th July 2011
I love my PS3 too, and I never was so much interested in multiplayer gaming especially via internet. So I play almost always in offline mode. Far better I believe.
Bloodwych 22:26 6th July 2011
I loved mine too Phantom, but that love turned to hate. Hate is a strong word, more like "not missed".

I too enjoyed a good couple of years offline gaming on the PS3, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, GRID etc - but I never got attached to it. Always felt like I was renting it off Sony in a way, never really took to it like my other machines.

A break from current Gen will probably solve it. In the meantime, I'll try my hand at a few new things!
Demon Cleaner 04:37 7th July 2011
So why didn't you at least hack/jailbreak/cfw it?
Bloodwych 08:07 7th July 2011
Fair point Demon Cleaner; I wanted the money to spend on a PC graphics card and they do still sell for reasonable prices.

I may grab a modded/hacked PS3, 360 or Wii in the future however when they are going dirt cheap. For now, the Xbox will do me fine and the PC for more modern games and console ports.
Phantom 11:56 7th July 2011
I'll never buy a PC-in-a-box. Never.
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