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Thread: Amiga cracktros
Shoonay 20:10 25th April 2011
New cool site with Amiga crackintros, all listed alphabetically and viewable from youtube.
Harrison 11:28 26th April 2011
Nice little site. Shame they don't have any info next to each cracktro. Maybe links to Pouet or BitFella would be enough to give peopl links to such info. Still a great resource for anything just wishing to spend a bit of spare time exploring the scene.
Demon Cleaner 05:20 27th April 2011
That seems to be different from the site.
Harrison 06:07 27th April 2011
It can definitely get a bit confusing when different sites share such similar urls.
Shoonay 11:03 27th April 2011
LOL, another cracktros site?

... there's also that one with cracktros emulated in java in your browser, but I forgot the link...
Demon Cleaner 12:04 27th April 2011
I have that link since almost 2 years, don't know if I posted it already somewhere here or not?