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Thread: My 1st movie in Amiga Ham
Tiago 21:46 24th April 2011
i read about Amiga Ham videos, and i wanted to try it.
So i grab a video from my vacations in Madeira Island and i convert it to Amiga Ham Video,
the result was good.
I am able to play it in my real Amiga 1200 with 2+8 Mb ram. the quality is not bad, i was very impressive with the results.
I am using the AVI4HV to convert from AVI, and then the to run it in real Amiga
the player is fine for CLI/Shell, but it does not have a way to stop the video...
any one has other software for it?

Check it out, my real A1200 playing the movie.
It was filmed in Madeira Island it is a travel down hill on basket cars.
Puni/Void 06:51 25th April 2011
Nice work! Quality looks good to be in HAM-mode.
Tiago 11:47 25th April 2011
it is, the recording from mobile dont show the imperfections.
there are some color problems, looks like some lines in vertical have the wrong color. But overal is very good.

what was a suprise is that it dont take time to load the movie, after the command line, it dont take any time to load. You hit enter and it's on screen.
It try with a 15 minute movie, and it all worked fine. I think if you put a full movie it will work as well.
Puni/Void 14:10 25th April 2011
That is surprising. I'm sure non-Amiga users will be impressed if you show it to them. Have you searched Aminet for different utilities to try out?
Tiago 14:31 25th April 2011
Not search yet in Aminet.
It is impressive yes, i am sure that is not nothing new to the fans, i read about it during a search in google, i end up in eab forum, with a lot of posts about it.
you can seach in youtube, there is a few stuff about it.
Harrison 10:36 26th April 2011
Very nice. I've never ried doing HAM video and in fact never realised you could. Do you know what the framerate is running at? Looks pretty smooth from your video.

The colour issues you mentioned are to be expected as HAM does use a special method of displaying colours based on the colours next to them, so has a few limitations.

BTW, wanted to ask what model of monitor you are using? Or is it one of the Samsung TV Monitors? What input are you using for it? composite, scart or a flicker fixer?
Tiago 12:36 26th April 2011
i didnt remove the original frame rate from the Avi source. i just resize to 320x216 (maximum you can have) and reduce the color depth.
the sound must be reduce too to 8 bit.
The TV is a normal LCD from Sansung (i dont know the model, i can tell you when i got home), and the Amiga is a A1200 with 8MB ram expansion only. I have in this one ClassicWB and it's connected to the TV with Scart cable.

but from what i read, you can play this videos on a A500 with only 1mb ram....!!!

Yes it's very smooth, i was shocked with it of course it's not a DVD, far away from it, but for a 1992 machine is very very good, and if it works well on a A500, it is even more impressive!!!

Regarding the TV, if i choose PAL in Workbench the image tremble a bit verticaly, but with NTSC it's fine... why?? Portugal is PAL system

It takes less then half a second to start playing since you hit enter...
Harrison 14:26 26th April 2011
That is definitely very impressive. That video dimension is identical to VCD, so is more amazing when you consider that and what has been achieved to play it on an A500. Think back to the 1993 and the CD32 needed a FMV module to play VCD!
Andrew1971 18:07 10th January 2012
Hi All
Where can i get more info on this and how to do it. Never seen an amiga play video until now.
its a very good video.
Many Thanks
Harrison 21:59 10th January 2012
I had forgotten about this. I was going to test this out myself but forgot. Really must give it a go.
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