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Thread: My 1st movie in Amiga Ham
Andrew1971 14:46 8th June 2012
Hi All
Just got round to trying this and the AVI3HV.EXE and the AVI4HV.EXE does not work i have tried them both on compatability mode on various settings.
I running Windows Ultimate 64bit. So will it work on windows me. I have a spare laptop with me on it.
Many Thanks
Kin Hell 13:15 10th June 2012
@ Tiago

Nice video showing just how good the Amiga was with Video all those years ago. Nice one.
Tiago 10:17 11th June 2012
It feels good to see it in a real Amiga. Everyone should try it.
Andrew1971 17:02 11th June 2012
I am trying to try it !!
Tiago 08:36 12th June 2012
Keep trying to try it, if you don't try, you can't do it. so try to try a bit more.
Kin Hell 13:53 13th June 2012

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