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Thread: My 1st movie in Amiga Ham
Tiago 08:51 11th January 2012
Andrew1971, i used a program called AVI4HV to convert from AVI, and then the to run it in real Amiga.
If you want, i can send you the software, it's easy to do it, give me your email, i'll send you.
Andrew1971 11:29 11th January 2012
Cheers Tiago PM sent
Tiago 19:47 11th January 2012
Hi Andrew, hi shoonay,

Zip file sended.

Uncompress the Zip file, then you will have this files:

the player:
HAMP.RUN - Amiga 68K executable program, you must use the syntax from CLI : "HAMP.RUN yourvideo.HV"

the converter:
AVI3HV.EXE - older file but works.
AVI4HV.EXE - i used this one, the other is older but should work to.

you have a TXT file that will help you.

i didnt remove the original frame rate from the Avi source. i just resize to 320x216 (maximum you can have) and reduce the color depth.
the sound must be reduce too to 8 bit.
The TV is a normal LCD from Sansung (i dont know the model, i can tell you when i got home), and the Amiga is a A1200 with 8MB ram expansion only. I have in this one ClassicWB and it's connected to the TV with Scart cable.

Andrew1971 14:30 12th January 2012
Cheers Tiago i will give this a go in the next week or two rearranging amiga and pc stuff at the moment.
Hope it will work with only 2mb ram
Many Thanks

Well my A600 is not going to well at the moment because of me iam trying to use all of the 10gig HDD. not sure how to do it. on a plus side i managed to get 4 partitions on it, Amiga just dont like it got checksum errors. I m using HDToolbox thats seem to be very hit + miss on partition sizes.
ohh well more playing to be done.
Tiago 07:21 13th January 2012
Yes it works, it works in a A500 with 1mb ram !!!
But never try more then 15 minutes of film. But i guess it doens't matter the size of the file.
Bloodwych 10:21 14th January 2012
Amazing, thanks for sharing your experiences - you always hear about people bigging up the Amiga as the first multimedia machine and way ahead of its time.

This goes to show how truely great it was with its video capture and HAM mode abilities.
Puni/Void 07:21 15th January 2012
Hi Tiago,

I'm very interested in that .ZIP file. Would be great if you could send it to me too. Thanks in advance.
Tiago 14:01 16th January 2012
I send you what you need by PM Puni.
Harrison 21:58 16th January 2012
Any chance you could add it to the downloads area too? So we have the files on the site for future.
Puni/Void 17:40 17th January 2012
Originally Posted by Tiago:
I send you what you need by PM Puni.
Thank you very much, mate! Looking forward to try it out. Thanks again!
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