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Thread: Aros - Icaros desktop UAE and cloanto "plugins"
Tiago 12:59 11th April 2011
some time ago i installed Aros to check it out.
i did the same again with a new version this weekend.

so, ICAROS with VMPlayer (not the vmplayer image file, but the full ISO standalone):

UAE integration - ADFs worked ok, but HDFs i cound not put them working.

Cloanto plugin - I have an original DVD (Mike from cloanto gave me when he was in Protugal),
so ICARUS install a lot of software from Cloando CD, and i have now a WB3.1 at a high definition, fully working inside ICARUS. Very nice

Sound - i dont know why, but i have no sound...

Amibridge - didn't understant much about this... but i could no do anything with it....

Anyone try the last Icaros version?
Harrison 16:01 11th April 2011
I've not tried AROS for some time now, so really should give it another go.

Regarding audio, what sound card are you using? I don't know if this is still true, but previous versions didn't support built in motherboard audio that well, if at all, and the best supported was Sound Blaster Live cards. I've got an older PC I use for AROS when I do run it, and pieced together all the most compatible older components so it worked the best. You can pick up old SB Live or Audigy cards quite cheaply on ebay these days.
Tiago 16:03 11th April 2011
Yes it's a built in, (laptop)...
I must seach for a solution...
Harrison 16:16 11th April 2011
For laptops you can get external USB sound blaster cards, but I don't know if they would work. AROS did have a list of compatible hardware on their WIKI, so would be worth seeing if that still exists.
Tiago 16:54 11th April 2011
yes, i will check it to acoid buying a card that will not solve the problem.
Harrison 15:07 12th April 2011
The page you need to look at can be found at