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Thread: Desk and chairs
Harrison 15:39 7th June 2011
Many years ago I built my own desk which was the whole length of the room using kitchen work top and cheap pine wood timber. Screwing the back to the wall and having legs at the front for extra support along its length. Worked great and looked OK too.

I probably have some pictures of it somewhere if you are interested in seeing what it looked like. At the time it had space for all my Amigas to be set up alongside each other which was great. These days iI just set one of them up when I want to use it.
Stephen Coates 00:14 8th June 2011
I'd be interested to see that harrison.
Stephen Coates 21:44 22nd July 2011
I'm definitely having a new chair. Hopefully that will help my bad back.

Seen a few nice ones in Staples and also a couple that I like in John Lewis.
Stephen Coates 15:39 27th July 2011
I've bought the Morgan chair from John Lewis. Should be arriving next Monday.

There were a few I liked in Staples, but then I tried several (inc the Morgan) in John Lewis and liked them better. Only issue is that they are a lot more expensive.
Demon Cleaner 16:01 27th July 2011
Looks like a good chair, and very solid and comfy. The price is quite high though, but if it's for a good cause, like helping you with back pain, it's worth the money. Hopefully that works out well. Anyway, you already tested it, so I guess it will be good for you.
Harrison 23:29 27th July 2011
Wow! That is expensive. Looks very nice and comfy though.
Stephen Coates 00:54 28th July 2011
TBH I think in the picture it looks pretty much like any other chair, but it looks good IRL was definitely comfy when I sat on it.

Now to get on with building the desk. I am making slow progress, having come up with a diagram of how I am going to modify my bed to fit a big desk under it.
Stephen Coates 05:24 8th August 2011
The chair arrived last Monday. It was easy to build and is very comfy .

It is definitely better quality than the old Staples ones.

The arms are made of a piece of metal which attaches underneath the chair, then a piece of plastic fits over the top, and this plastic is height adjustable. This is why the arms are a little wobbly like the reviews on the John Lewis site mention. I can't see them breaking though.
Puni/Void 07:22 11th August 2011
Congratulations on your new chair! It's important to pamper the rear!

I'm still using old "Peter" (that is the name of the chair) and it gets more and more uncomfortable by the day. It was the cheapest chair they had at the furniture shop many years ago, and it feels like it too. People complain that it stops their blood from flowing from the buttocks and down to the legs.

Know what? I'm going to buy a new chair this week. It's time to get comfy!
Stephen Coates 09:29 11th August 2011
Good for you PG. Be sure to post some picturs when you get it. I'll post some later.

I think the cheaper chairs are fine for occaisional use. The Staples one I had would have probable lasted much longer if it was only used for an hour or so every other day. They're just not really suitable for many hours of use every day.
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