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Thread: How to format a Harddrive into FFS, SFS, PFS for Amiga OS 3.9
UK-Robbie 15:21 26th March 2011
Hello all,
I have got Amiga OS 3.9 running on one of my computers. It runs fine!!! But it can not see any harddrive.
I have looked it up and it says i have to format the harddrive into FFS, SFS, PFS format.

I have got WinUAE install on my Windows 7 PC and i have set that up with hdf harddrive files. Can i use WinUAE to format his harddrive? If not.
I do have a old fat PS2 with a harddrive network card.
I can use that but be for i mess with my PS2. I like to know if there is any harddrive format tools for Windows or Linux or Mac OS X i can use to fomat this harddrive into FFS, SFS, PFS format.

Thank you for your help.
Harrison 08:13 27th March 2011

You can indeed format the HDD on a PC using WinUAE.

If it is a 3.5" HDD then connect it up to the internal IDE, otherwise if it is a 2.5" drive the best way is to buy a cheap external USB HDD enclosure. You can find these on ebay for a couple of pounds. Plug the HDD into the PC and then start WinUAE. Go to the HD section and add a real HD, and your Amiga HDD should appear in the list. Make completely sure you are picking the right one and not the PC HDD. Now use a Workbench 3.1 install disk adf in the floppy drive DF0: entry to boot the emulator. Once booted you probably won't see the HDD if it isn't partitioned or formatted already for the Amiga.

For the remaining guide on what to do next to format the drive for SFF, have a look on the classicamiga wiki as I wrote a guide a while ago on exactly what to do... hope it makes sense.