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Poll: Where did i leave my A1200?
Where did i leave my A1200?
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    Thread: Poll: where did i leave my A1200?
    toomanymikes 20:07 10th March 2011
    Well its been a long time but i have managed to find time to get back into my miggy. At least that was the theory...
    When moving house i packed my A1200 up nice and properly for storage and piled it with the rest of the stuff that needed to be moved. I spent last summer finishing the conversion of the loft that the previous owner had started (that needed to be completely redone) and have now ended up with a pretty sweet games room/recording studio/store for crap in my loft. Great i thought, until it came to finding my amiga. NES? Check
    Gamecube? Check
    Amiga? Check...hold on, thats Ronas old A600 with the broken disk drive... Where the hell is my A1200?
    After turning the house upside down i still am none the wiser! I have whittled it down to a few suspects so im going to search high and low this weekend until i find it.
    Soooooo, who wants to guess where it is? The folk that guess right win nothing but may gain some satisfaction from the fact that i will have messed up a significant area of my, and possibly my parents and inlaws, house!
    Harrison 00:03 11th March 2011
    Good luck finding it.

    BTW, would love to see some pictures of your new loft conversion? We have been thinking about doing one, but have no idea where to start. Can't work out where stairs would go, and we would need to have the roof rafters altered as they are right across the roof space. Plus not sure but would the floor rafters also need strengthening? As you see I've no building experience and have no idea. The aim is to turn the large loft area into a large room with a couple of Velux skylights and use it as a study/design/hobby room.
    toomanymikes 18:46 11th March 2011
    Ha ha, ill wait until i have tidied up before i post any photos! It sounds like your wanting to do something a lot more extensive than me, mine is simply an insulated and lined loft but yours will be closer to a new habitable room. You will need to splice your trusses and strengthen them before you cut them. Your floor will need additional bracing, a typical floor joist is 245mm deep while the lowest member of a truss is around 80-120mm. You should get a engineers advice as your internal wall construction may define whether you can convert with the trusses spanning as they do, this usually isnt a problem but i have encountered it before. You will also need to insulate your walls to the current regs and possibly introduce additional ventilation to your roof space by vent tiles and ridge vents. Its also imortant to leave an adequate void all around the conversion to allow cross ventilation from one side of the roof to the other. Your stair should have a minimum headroom from the angle created from the noses of the steps of 2m clear.
    Unless your pretty good with cad and confident with using the building regs i suggest you get an architect or architectural technician to design it for you- i would do it but im a little bit too far away!
    Harrison 01:05 12th March 2011
    Thanks for the info. At the moment we have only been considering it as a possible idea. The loft space is quite large, and measuring it up it would make a 26' x 28' space/room as a single large space, so there would be potential to split it up into more than one room, or a large master with en-suite, plus stairs and landing. The roof also has a lot of height, with about 18' at the peek, so again loads of space and no need for dormers, just a Velux or 2. Would be great to do it, but I'm thinking it could end up costing a bit.
    J T 11:29 6th April 2011
    It's in your parent's loft.

    Just over there... yep, that's it, in the corner, under those other boxes.