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Thread: Does anyone miss...
Harrison 15:44 8th August 2011
I never had the shutter come apart inside the drive. But did have disks with missing springs or jammed shutters, and I used to just remove the whole shutter and use the disk that way until I could copy it.

Disk labels could be annoying and get stuck inside but I don't remember then causing too much problem. Never had to dismantle a drive to retrieve anything.
Bloodwych 11:02 9th August 2011
The main reason I had no issues was probably due to the fact I had so many disks!

I never re-used disks - copied a game onto one and into the diskbox, so I guess each one suffered less from wear and tear.
Harrison 13:19 9th August 2011
Exactly the same for me. I would buy disks in 100's and they would be used once each for copying games and anything else.
[Reply] 06:56 10th August 2011
Being a bit of a poorper, I couldn't really afford to keep buying disks, so I 'recycled' disks quite a bit, hence a lot of 'wear and tear'
Phantom 15:12 29th August 2011
I still use floppies for my Amigas almost every day, so actually I don't miss them.
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