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Thread: Benefactor level editor
Shoonay 16:41 23rd February 2011
Minniat upgraded his level editor he's been working on for years now to v2.0, downloadable from here.

Grab it here:
Attached: BME_001.png (22.8 KB)
Harrison 22:38 23rd February 2011
That looks great. Benefactor was one game I missed back at the time, and I've always meant to give it a play at some point. It is great to see people still working on editors for retro games.
Demon Cleaner 14:50 24th February 2011
Benefactor is really a great game, I played it when I was making screenshots for the main site. Didn't know it has a level editor, cool
burns flipper 14:50 25th February 2011
So can you download extra levels?
Shoonay 16:14 25th February 2011
Don't know of many DataDisks containing extra levels that were actually uploaded somewhere, but here's one from Robert, the creator of the editor on AmiNet: