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Thread: 3.55 CFW PS3 - new stuff
Tiago 01:53 13th March 2011
some new about UAE in PS3

OS3.9 with WHDLoad working good !!!

what i did:
- I setup a clean HDF with 4GB in WINUAE (PC)
- installed the Workbench 3.1
- Installed Amiga OS3.9 on top of 3.1
- Installed Boingbag 1 & 2
- Installed WHDLoad
- Put the HDF in a PEN with the following config file:


- Lauched the UAE in PS3, and worked fine, i can now play WHDLoad.

What didn't work:
- Picasso 96 drivers - in WINUAE is working good, but UAE in PS3 dont like other video cards, and can not work above 640*512, hope they fix this.
If you put the OS with 800*600 or higher when starting in UAE/PS3 he will setup to 640*512
- working in internal HD, i transfer the config file+HDF with FTP server to the internal HD, but it dont work
- OS3.9 work fine in PS3, but much much slower then WINUAE. 1/3 of the Speed +/- if it's just for WHDLoad, WB3.1 would be much better
- 68060 is working fine, but no more then 8MB of fast RAM

I will test more games now.
Harrison 13:46 14th March 2011
Thanks for the udpate Tiago. Very interesting to see what is and isn't currently compatible/working.

So is there currently a restriction to 8MB fast ram for the emulator? Or just for specific setups? Does it offer Z3 fast ram support for more?

And like you say, it would be great to get graphics card emulation working for the PS3 version, and also a real usb keyboard/mouse.
Tiago 15:02 14th March 2011
Yes there is a restriction, you can only setup the chp ram (2mb limit) and fast ram (8mb limit)
graphics card would be very nice, but it's much more important to put the emulator working in internal HD because in a USB PEN the speed is to slow.
In WB1.3 you can work ok, but a bit slower then winaue, but with OS39 is almost impossible to work, each window takes seconds to open. When you open the system draw for exemple it takes 1 second to each directory.... takes ages to list the games in whdload directory. But HWDLoad, look to work nice.
I test 3 games and they work normaly.
Harrison 15:44 14th March 2011
Remember that WinUAE is normally set to emulate an Amiga the fastest possible, whilst retaining compatibility. The PS3 emulator might actually be trying to emulate the Amiga at its real speed. If you have even used a real Amiga in Workbench they do take some time to open, read and display directories of files. On a standard A1200 it can take minutes to read large directories before they show, and even an 040 can take a few seconds. It also depends on their HDD access speed.

But it probably is the USB pen drive slowing it down as you suspect. Can you try an external USB HDD?
Tiago 17:52 14th March 2011
Originally Posted by :
But it probably is the USB pen drive slowing it down as you suspect. Can you try an external USB HDD?
Yes, i can try that, i will try to do that today.
Tiago 09:08 15th March 2011
Originally Posted by :
But it probably is the USB pen drive slowing it down as you suspect. Can you try an external USB HDD?
I did it yesterday, put the config and hdf on my 500GB external HD and it worked fine, but i can't see any difference in speed comparing to USB pen, pretty much the same. I notice that in CFG, i have the option of CPU speed: i have the "real" and numbers from 1 to 12 and "MAX" option. I try the Max option, and didnt see any diference. But it worked very well.

I tested under WHDLoad:
SWIV: worked with full speed
Same demos like state of art, they all worked fine.

Reducing from 256 color to 16 or 32 color in OS3.9 gets a good result on speed under the OS, the draws open faster, but it looks very bad... :-(
for whdload doesn't affect anything it works always fine.
Demon Cleaner 06:46 16th March 2011

There was a Package Manager (0.9) released some days ago, which will allow you to install/uninstall .pkg files on your PS3. First of all I thought what's the point, as I can install them straight away from the "Install Package Files" menu. But they mentioned that with this software, the installed games would be together in one nice folder, not stacking up in your GAME column in XMB.

So after running the .pkg file of Package Manager, you have to run the install again from the XMB, which takes you to a screen where you can create the dev_hdd0/packages folder, and again install or uninstall Package Manager itself. At this point I couldn't do anything, because my PS3 froze. After restart, I could still choose which account I wanted to login, but after logging into my main account, PS3 froze again. It does do it all the time, you cannot log into your main account anymore!!!

So I tried to log into my second account, which worked fine, and there you can see, that the Package Manager install replaced the "Install Package Files" menu with Package Manager. You can then delete the install icon of Package Manager, but you won't get rid of the menu entry anymore, no way to delete it. After all this though, I still couldn't log into my main account. So the only thing which I could do, was doing a reinstall of the CFW from the recovery mode. Basically my PS3 was semi bricked.

It could of course work fine on any other console, I only wanted to share my experience here, and that I later also read on forums that I'm not the only one having this problem. This program is anyway needless, as you don't need it to install/uninstall .pkg files. I tested it when I was in my other account, and I was able to install one .pkg file, but couldn't delete it anymore, because the program can't find any installed .pkg on your disk!
Harrison 15:49 16th March 2011
It sounds like this Package Manager has a lot of bugs and isn't worth the bother.
Teho 16:03 16th March 2011
Originally Posted by Demon Cleaner:
But they mentioned that with this software, the installed games would be together in one nice folder, not stacking up in your GAME column in XMB.
Did you know if you press Triangle on a game, choose Information and edit its albumname (which is blank by default) it will then appear inside a folder with that name in the XMB (you may need to sort by album by pressing square a couple of times first). Give multiple titles the same albumname and they will all appear in the same folder. It's a pretty backwards method but it works. On my system I have all my game content sorted in folders like PS1, Games, Minis, Demos aso. Much more tidy.
Harrison 17:08 16th March 2011
I also sort mine like that. I do find it annoying having to manually enter it each time though. Why they couldn't have a drop down list showing all existing album names you have created to pick from is beyond me. Would make it so much easier.
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