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Thread: works on CLI under WB3.1 but not in a boot disk
Tiago 09:17 14th February 2011

i got a image viewer for CLI, it's called IFFVIEW, it works well in a CLI window,
syntax is a simple "IFFVIEW nameof image". It works in a CLI windows in a WB31.

When i try to do it in a Boot disk, i put the IFFVIEW in "C" directory,
and edit the startup-sequence in "S" directory, where i put the line "IFFVIEW nameof image".

It works ony for simple images, like small ones, if i try to put images converted from JPG to IFF,
they dont work in bootdisk, but they do work in CLI under WB31....

what am i doind wrong... if in a bootdisk he was not able to load any image, i would look for a missing file or something... but it works for certain images... ... why it works on WB31, and not in a bootdisk?
memory problems? It's the first line of startup-sequence, so it has all the available memory...
and i check for the IFFVIEW files, and put them all in "C",
Harrison 14:42 14th February 2011
If you can launch it from the CLI then it definitely should run from a startup script during bootup.

It has been years since I did this on an Amiga, but I do remember it being quite simple. Where was the viewer before you moved it into the C directory? If it is a WB 3 specific image viewer than it probably uses datatypes and this could be where it isn't working. Maybe try a different viewer.

I used to create boot disks containing images and Take 2 scanned cell animations that would show a boot menu and allow you to select which image or animation to run. All using a startup-sequence script. If you like I will have a look for it later tonight and if I find the disks I can make some ADFs for you to look at and see how I did it.
Tiago 17:17 14th February 2011
That would be very nice mate Thanks!!!! I would like to check it!

i test IFFVIEW in a PC directory under winuaue, it was not in C or DEVS or LIBS or anyother directory, it is in a external directory setup up as a drive.
so it should work in a boot disk, maybe i miss some file in C or S inside the bootdisk
burns flipper 14:16 18th February 2011
Most likely the WB3.1 you are using has datatypes that load on startup - the purpose of these is that they enable any software to access the files correctly. This means if you have the JPEG datatype loading on startup, any software can access the jpg images correctly if they don't natively support this file type.
Harrison 14:22 18th February 2011
That was what I was thinking also in my post above. There are viewers that don't use or require datatypes, so maybe try some alternatives.

I will still try to dig up the disks I made for you next week and attach the ADFs for you to look at. I might have used a viewer in those disks which you can utilise.