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Thread: Christmas presents 2010
Stephen Coates 09:16 25th December 2010
So, what did you all get, if anything?

I haven't bothered to open everything yet, but so far, I have a nice Oakley jumper, and as if by coincidence, a Vestel based Hitachi branded hard disk video recorder . OK, so this one has a 320GB hard drive whereas my Humax has only a 160GB drive, but the chances of me actually filling either up are pretty limited as I tend to delete programmes once I have watched them.
Demon Cleaner 11:32 27th December 2010
I got some chocolates, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss underwear, that's it

EDIT: Oh forgot this one, I also got Chanel Allure deodorant spray.
Phantom 12:20 29th December 2010
I've bought Red Dead Redemption for me.

Can't stand up from the couch.
Demon Cleaner 12:54 29th December 2010
The game is really great, I was a bit sad though when the main story was finished. So my advice would be to do as much as possible besides the main story, take your time, and don't forget to try everything out!!

(capturing and tying someone and then setting him/her on fire is not only nasty... )
Harrison 13:41 30th December 2010
I actually had a great Christmas this year for presents. Some are combined Christmas/Birthday presents, but that is fine with me.

Demon Cleaner 15:42 30th December 2010
Off Topic

As you mentioned now, I can see that a lot of gifts are Star Wars based, 2 days ago I saw the book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which looks awesome, it has 1232 pages. You can get it for 40 at Amazon, quite cheap I think.

Stephen Coates 18:22 30th December 2010
Originally Posted by Harrison:
  • ...
Do go on...
Harrison 02:21 31st December 2010
DC. Yeah, the updated 3 volume Star Wars Encyclopedia is great. In fact I already have it.
Stephen Coates 06:30 31st December 2010
Not quite a christmas present, but I just bought myself one of these:

Kind of a late christmas present/early birthday present from me .

It arrived yesterday. Can't wait to try it out.
Harrison 09:57 31st December 2010
Nice looking bike. So did you get that white one... or are you secretly now the owner of the pink one shown in the other version links at the bottom?

You're quite into your bike's then steve. Did you ever start the driving lessons you mentioned a while back? Or decided to stick with self propulsion and the bus?
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