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Thread: what happend to Atari-forum?
Tiago 15:57 29th November 2010
What happend to

since last week, they are off-line. Do you know what happend.

When i access to it, it says:
This index file needs to be replaced with a file from your backup.
Phantom 15:59 29th November 2010
Atari? Do they really exist?
Tiago 16:31 29th November 2010
Originally Posted by Phantom:
Atari? Do they really exist?
yes yes, i know... Atari....
I also have an Atari, not only Amiga... ...
Amiga is better but i also like Atari.
Phantom 16:43 29th November 2010
I started with Ataris you know...
Tiago 16:55 29th November 2010
i like them, i have an 520 ST, and i will have 1 STE one of these days.
i did my first Atari hacking transforming an old amiga mouse into an atari mouse.
Phantom 17:12 29th November 2010
I hate them.... very much...
Harrison 09:10 30th November 2010
Back on topic. I'm not sure what has happened to the forums, other than that message is an error generated by the forum software due to a missing index.php file. I will do some asking about and see if I can find out. It would be a real shame to see that forum vanish as it had a lot of very useful information on ST modding on there, plus a good group of ST enthusiasts.
Tiago 12:11 30th November 2010
Yes it was a good forum, it was there that i get the info for change a amiga mouse into a atari mouse.
That mini project was well supported by atari-forum members.
Harrison 13:09 30th November 2010
I also used their forum for hardware details to build an ST to Scart cable, and to upgrade the TOS roms. Great group of members, all very helpful. Lets hope it returns very soon.

I found an old thread on another forum about it being down, but that was dated Fed 2010, and as I understand from that thread, there is only one admin there who has any knowledge of the forum software and is able to fix it, so the other admins and mods there are probably waiting for him to appear and fix it for them. If any of you know any direct contact details for any of the other staff then let me know as I could probably volunteer to look at it for them and fix it.
Bloodwych 08:57 1st December 2010
It's been down before in the past with a similar error.

Hopefully it will be back up soon enough.

Being an Atari ST owner before buying the Amiga Batman pack, I have a soft spot for the ST. I was lucky enough to own an ST when others had 8-bit machines. The bragging rights were enormous!

So I'll always have a warm and fuzzy place in my heart for the ST and its chip sounding tunes.
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