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Thread: The readers query answerer of Amiga Format, Graeme Sandiford included in a reply that he didn't play games often and the following issue he had been given the task of reviewing many games
Cohort 01:14 21st November 2010
I think there were even complicated strategy games among them. Do you remember this or did I imagine it? What were the two issue numbers?
Harrison 14:55 22nd November 2010
Sorry, I don't remember that, but quite often I've read reviews over the years and instantly wondered if the reviewer is a fan of the genre being reviewed or not.

It has always seemed mad to me to get someone to review something they are not into, or don't know much about. How could they judge something with such limited understanding or experience of a genre? It would be like getting someone who doesn't like Sci-Fi to review a new Sci-Fi film. They might suddenly realise they like it, but it would more likely end with them just being bored of it and not liking it at all, reflecting badly in the review and scores given.
Cohort 21:58 22nd November 2010
Your reply reminds me of Mark Kermode reviewing Star Wars films on Radio 5 Live. I remember how extremely he panned Episode 3.
Harrison 22:09 22nd November 2010
Umm.. but Star Wars Episode 3 was the worst film out of all 6!
Cohort 21:43 28th November 2010
I wonder if my brain invented the whole thing. I thought it happened when I typed it. Anyone remember it?

Regarding Mark Kermode's review of Star Wars Episose 3, one of the points he made was that if you can't make the effects out of cardboard and string then just don't bother. I think Simon Mayo said 'They should do the effects with cardboard and string?' or something like that and I think he replied with 'Why not?'