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Thread: The most broken game
Harrison 02:28 16th September 2010
What would you say were the most broken games released for the Amiga?

I'm not talking about just bad graphics or not enjoyable to play. I mean games that were released in an unfinished, bug ridden way, or that just didn't deliver on any of their promises and contained limited gameplay or were impossible to play.

For me I would like to nominate Teho's favourite game, Rise of the Robots. That game promised so much in its previews, but on release the pre-rendered graphics looked good, but the game had no gameplay. Each playable character with one move, and that was about it. Completely broken.

Another is Microcosm. Looked great, but where was the game? I remember receiving my new CD32 on release and unpacking it looking forward to play this hyped game. It booted the intro movie and I was amazed by the quality of the video and the production values of the video sequence. But then it got to the game and I couldn't believe how bad it was. A tunnel shoot 'em up! With no real feel of interaction or progress. Horrible. I'm so glad the CD32 also came with Diggers, as that was a brilliant game I was hooked on for weeks.
Tiago 09:57 16th September 2010
the only one i remember is, once again... Rise of The Robots, i happend to me to, i look at soe photos in a local magazine, and i thought it would be a great game, but it was the oposite. sorry Teho :-)
Shoonay 10:09 16th September 2010
It's both my favorite Polish game for the Amiga, and the game I consider most buggy.
And written in everybody's favorite - AMOS.
Sometimes you can play it for hours without a hang, and sometimes it "exits" itself at the copy protection check screen or at some city... it's all random!
After a while I kinda figured what triggers the hangs, like getting too many quests at the same time and not finishing a single one, etc., but I usually just loved to play the strategic elements (building a perfect city) then leveluping my team, and finally getting on with the quests. And I usually spent so much time fooling around the final boss killed me, but whatever, great game

PS: The PC remake is available here:
Many bugs are fixed, you can change the game's language to English, and even turn that shitty blur effect off.
Harrison 12:34 16th September 2010
I will have to take a look at that.

Another I've through of for bugs is the first Shadow of the Beast. It was technically amazing at the time, with parallax scrolling and graphics that surpassed anything else, and a music score that was brilliant. Sadly for me, the game seemed very unstable and crashed a lot. And if you died it refused to let you start again unless you rebooted the whole game, which was frustrating. I don't know if I had an early version and these issues were fixed in a later release. Anyone else experience similar with this game? The first 2 SotB games were also a bit style of substance too, with not that much gameplay under the visuals. More like an interactive demo than a game, to show off just what the Amiga could do. Still, it is a series of games that pioneered much on the Amiga and so are still remembered fondly.
Teho 15:44 16th September 2010
Of course you had to bring up Rise of The Robots again. The nightmare just never ends.

Broken games, I think Days of Thunder is one. Not buggy, just terrible. Looked ugly, ran unbelievably slow. Amazingly, two of my most favourite games are also two of the buggiest on the Amiga: Moonstone and Frontier. You could complete a game of Moonstone without it hanging, but it would often freeze. And in Frontier just travelling to a planet in a different system meant saving the game three times to at least two different files, just in case; pre-jump, post-jump and pre-docking.
Tiago 15:58 16th September 2010
Originally Posted by Teho:
Of course you had to bring up Rise of The Robots again. The nightmare just never ends.
he he he, you will have nighmares for ever Teho.....

1, 2 freddy's came for you ...
3, 4 better lock your door...
5, 6 grab a crucifix...
7, 8 better stay up late ...
Demon Cleaner 16:37 16th September 2010
9,10 he's back again
Teho 20:13 16th September 2010
11, 12 You're all going to hell.
Tiago 13:42 17th September 2010
he he he
rise of the robots - live in hell !!

i wounder if you going to tell your grand children about Rise of the Robots...

- oh, my young boys, when i was your age, i use to play a game called "Rise of the Robots", but those idiots from they where always making fun of me...

- what grandfather? rise of what ? classic what?
Teho 14:30 17th September 2010
Pff, don't have to wait that long. My nephew gave me funny looks not long ago when I showed him my Dingoo and all the cool old games we used to play. He wasn't very impressed.
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