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Thread: What are your favourite Amiga games of all time?
Harrison 12:51 22nd December 2006
We had this topic on the old forum, so I thought I would bring it back for the new one. It doesn't matter how many games you can think of, just post them all. Especially those you hold the fondest memories for.

This is a great way for those searching for games to play to quickly make up a list of games to try out first.
Harrison 13:27 22nd December 2006
For me there were a lot of great Amiga games, as there are for many others too. Here are some of my favourites.

Frontier: Elite 2 This is probably the game I played the most out of any game on the Amiga. Based on the original classic Elite it expanded the games universe and added a lot of new features. Space trading, combat, missions, assassinations... as well as bringing the game fully up to date with filled polygon graphics and great classical music score. An amazing game.

Dungeon Master Originally released on the Atari ST, this game was responsible for the video game RPGs moving out of the Text Adventure era and into the visual interactive one.

Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2
Building on the Dungeon Master style of gameplay it expanded on the ideas it introduced, including AD&D rules and creatures from the AD&D universe. If you like RPGs this was one of the best on the Amiga.

World of Legend The sequel to Legend, this RPG uses a similar dungeon crawling isometric style to Heroquest and a map based world view to travel.

Populous 2 The sequel to Populous, this is still one of my favourite God games released to date.

Sim City 2000 The first Sim City was released for the Amiga before any other platform, but although this sequel was released on the PC first, the AGA Amiga version was the version I originally played and it is still my favourite version in the series.

Arkanoid II There have been a lot of Bat and Ball style games released over the years but this is still my favourite.

Alien Breed SE '92 A brilliant sci-fi above view Alien themed shooter, with this special edition polishing the original with some little tweaks and additions.

Wings For many this is still one of their favourite games. Taking an arcade approach to flight sim style gaming, it mixs many different styles of bi-plane flight into this great game, with the diary entries between each level adding a lot of atmosphere to the game. Foremost an Arcade Shooter, it contains some great 3D flight missions as well as isometric levels.

Lemmings Given away in a lot of Amiga A500 and A600 packs, and for good reason. It is still one of the best puzzle games and is still as fun now as it was on release. The sequel Lemmings 2: Tribes added a lot more themed and interesting levels to the gameplay.

Chaos Engine From the Bitmap Bros this great shoot 'em up played it's best in Two player mode. Steam punk style design with great sound effects and level design.

Speedball II A brilliant futuristic sports game based on ideas from the file Rollerball, mixed with ideas from Football and American Football. Still only of the most playable and enjoyable sports games to date.

Flashback Games before it had used retroscoping to animate their game characters (Prince of Persia) but Flashback really did this well. It also included a great story and many different things to do in this platformer that made it more of an Adventure than just a standard platform game.

WolfChild A great arcade platform game.

D/Generation This is one of my favourite Arcade Adventure/shooter style games on the Amiga. Using an isometric style it has some great puzzles in each area and always brings back memories of some of the games on the 8-bit platforms such as Knightmare.
Harrison 13:44 22nd December 2006
Xenon 2 Recently I've seen some people panning this great game, but on its release it was one of the best shoot 'em ups released. The graphics were amazing, and the gameplay was great fun. The powerup system with the shop was only quite a new idea at the time.

R-Type The Amigqa version was the best home conversion at the time and one of the best side scrolling shooters in its day.

Dune II This game was responsible for creating the whole Command and Conquer style of strategy game and the used the Dune universe to create a great real time strategy game.

Exile Originally released on the Acorn BBC computer, the Amiga version, especially the AGA version, was the best released on any platform. This is one of the best examples of this style of Platform adventure.

Civilization One of the best strategy games at the time, and still great fun today. Civ 4 was recently released on the PC, but when I tried it I didn't enjoy it as much as the original Amiga version. Sometimes sequels can make things too complicated to really enjoy a game as much as its original.

Lure of the Temptress There were many great Adventure games released on the Amiga and this was one of my favourites. It was one of the first games that tried to introduce a working culture where in game characters went about their daily lives.

Monkey Island As many others would mention this was one of the greatest Adventure games released on any platform to date. Brilliant Pirate based story with great jokes and humour throughout. The sequel was even better.

Beneath a Steel Sky Futuristic Sci-Fi adventure with some great hand drawn illustrated graphics and a very nice story.
Puni/Void 14:31 22nd December 2006
Favourite Amiga games of all time? That is a question that can't be answered in a few sentences, at least that counts for me. There are so many awesome titles to choose from. Amiga was after all the best machine for games when it was at its height. Anyway, here is a list over my favourite titles in random order.


Civilization was a game that I never became bored of playing. Every game was a new challenge and there were quite a lot of different ways you could choose to play the game. You could fight for democracy or oppress your people by being an evil despot. You could go for the diplomatic line or you could be the biggest warmonger the world had ever seen. Since I was a kid I have been deeply interested in history, and Civilization actually brought this a step further. A true classic that I imagine would be fun even today.

Dune 2:

Great RTS game with fast paced action and atmosphere. This game really hit the spot and it was widely popular. With three different factions to play, a lot of different units and buildings, and a good story, I played it again and again.

Parasol Stars:

Fun and cute two-player platformer with lots of variety and secrets. One of the coolest platformers on the Amiga in my opinion. Two people can play at the same time and work together to clense the universe of evil monsters.

The Secret of Monkey Island:

I guess you all remember the first game featuring the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood? Well, I guess I don't need to say more. One of the best adventure games ever made, and it still makes me laugh today.


Some of you might be a bit surprised that I choose to mention this title in the list. Well, I really enjoyed playing it because it was quite different from most other games. Burntime is an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Your goal as a player was to unite a huge area by taking control of different territories. These territories could be cities or small camps. You could walk around in the cities talking to different people, hire them for services, visit the pub, trade items and do all sorts of stuff. The game was quite advanced that way. In order to survive you had to hunt for food and water, or else you would starve. Another danger was mutants and radiation. You could also build stuff like an anti-radiation suite out of different items. In short, a great game with lots of possibilities. The only bad thing about it was the fighting - it looked awful and completely outdated. But apart from that, one of my old favourite RPG's.

Zak McKracken:

A funny, but very, very hard adventure game. I don't know anyone who managed to complete this game without a hint-book. A true classic which is just as fun today.

Sensible Soccer:

Great football game. Do I need to say more?

That was a few of my favourite games. Will try to add a few more at a later date. There is still a ton of awesome games that hasn't been mentioned yet.

UFO Enemy Unknown:

Humans fighting ET's - can you save the world from the alien invasion? UFO Enemy Unknown is a complex strategy game where you have to lead and organize the defence against the alien menace.


Action orientated WW1 flight simulator. Participate in dog fights, bombing runs or strafe the trenches at Somme. Excellent graphics and music as always from Cinemaware.

It Came from the Desert 1 and 2:

Both games are excellent adventure/role playing games from Cinemaware. Can you stop the big mutated ants from taking over the world?
Harrison 14:46 22nd December 2006
I forgot to mention Sensible Soccer in my list. It is still my favourite Soccer game to date. So easy to play with such a simple control system that anyone can pick it up and play without having to worry about learning the controls. It containing some of the best and enjoyable gameplay you can find in any mutliplayer game.
TiredOfLife 08:24 24th December 2006
Some great ones mentioned above already
Would have sit down and a good think to give a defintive list.
How about some of these below?

Cannon Fodder 1+2
Chaos Engine 1+2
Micro Machines
Pinball Dreams/Illusions/Fantasies
Power Monger
Skid Marks
J T 20:47 24th December 2006
Oh yes, there were some great games.

The Secret of Monkey Island is a classic, and to this day stands brilliantly with the very best, most memorable games. I remember playing this with my dad, and oddly enough being told the answer to a puzzle that had us stumped by the kid sitting next to me at a Michael Jackson concert at Wembley stadium. I love this games style, setting, humour and charm.

Syndicate was great. Dark and edgy, violent and sinister, very good fun but those last couple of levels were nigh on impossible.

Micro Machines was so much fun in two player, but I never could beat the game. I could ace every race up until the long desk race with the sports cars. Those damned ruler bridges undid me every time.

Ultimate Soccer Manager had it all. A big database, many options but not too many stats, a neat visualisation for the match and the day to day work and the ability to remodel the stadia and surrounding area of shops and restaurants. And with the bribes, bungs, betting, newspaper reports and teletext it really captured the football spirit.
AlexJ 12:29 28th December 2006
To add to those listed above:

The Settlers was the game that got me into the strategy genre and still a good play.

Rainbow Islands was a fun arcade conversion, a vertical platformer (if that makes sense!) that I really enjoyed.

Microprose Formula One Grand Prix was THE racing game for Amiga. It's graphics look hideously dated now but compared to things like the Lotus games it was awesome at the time.
Vangar 13:02 29th December 2006
Originally Posted by alexj2002:
Rainbow Islands was a fun arcade conversion, a vertical platformer (if that makes sense!) that I really enjoyed.
Parasol stars was also pretty good imo.
Toasty667 10:27 8th May 2007
Alien Breed 3D
Body Blows
Cannon Fodder
Pinball Dreams
Second Samurai
Super Methane Brothers
Trex Warrior
Trick or Treat
Trolls (Yeah I know but I enjoyed it )
Uridium 2
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