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Thread: What are your favourite Amiga games of all time?
Harrison 15:25 9th May 2007
Where would we be today without two world wars? Probably far less advanced than we are today. Rockets, computers, planes, marine and land vehicles, even building construction. It would all be far less advanced.

We owe war for it all!
Submeg 15:30 9th May 2007
True...the things people think of when they are being shot at
Harrison 15:36 9th May 2007
It must speed up the thought processes being under such pressure and having your life in danger at the same time. Maybe we should stick the current developers of the next Amiga in a warzone? We might actually see something that way!
Submeg 15:42 9th May 2007
Yea that could work....or allow Mr G@+35 to dance in front of them...pretty sure that would get a response too!
Toasty667 09:42 10th May 2007
Doh and how could I forget Base Jumpers? Loved that game. The bits where you jump off the building were original and I always made my mate splat against the wall.
J T 19:28 12th May 2007
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Where would we be today without two world wars? Probably far less advanced than we are today. Rockets, computers, planes, marine and land vehicles, even building construction. It would all be far less advanced.

We owe war for it all!
Also radar and everything that followed on from that.

War really does have a way of advancing technology. Shame about all the killing and unpleasantness though.

Here's hoping for more progress and less wars in the future.
Harrison 13:56 14th May 2007
Although it does reduce the surpass population! Maybe that's the problem these days. We haven't have a decent war for too long.
Submeg 21:48 14th May 2007
Yea we have way too many people.....not saying that a war is the answer, but something needs to be done
Ghost 01:23 22nd May 2007
Hello all,

I haven't played so many Amiga games, and some of the games I am going to mention I actually played on the PC but I expect that they probably are just as good on the Amiga.

Cannon Fodder. Despite the morbid theme I enjoyed this game a lot and found myself humming the theme song pretty quick after hearing it for the first time.
To me this game together with Dune 2 launched the RTS genre (yes, I know about the Battletech game, but I never played it).
Even today it is still fun but I have to confess that I miss a quick save.

Turrican 2. Played this both on Summer Camp on a Commodore 64 and later on the Amiga by my nephew. So I used the trainer, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Lemmings. A friend of mine introduced me to this game on his parents old PC and I soon got hooked on it.
I tried playing console versions but nothing beats a mouse.

Sim City. Okay, technically not a game but I still treated it as one.
Building cities was quite fun and it reminded me of my Lego boxes.

The Settlers. It is still goig as strong today as it did when the first game was released but to me the later games never really recreated the charm of the original game.
I should have the PC version somewhere.

The James Pond games (platform ones). IMO the Amiga's answer to Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic during the console wars but with a whole charm of its own.
While I have never been in the UK I really got the feeling that these were 'British' games and not attemps at recreating American or Japanese ones.

Walker. The game has lost a little over time but when I played it for the first time it was a blast, shooting soldiers and all their little verhicles or just stepping on them with your AT ST inspired killing machine.

The Secret of Monkey Island One and Two. I have to admit I never played them on the Amiga but I am pretty sure that they were just as good as the PC versions.
These are games that really made me laugh out loud and showed that games can be 'laughing' funny.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Another game I did not originally play on the Amiga but probably is not much different from its PC version.
There is only one word that can sum it all up very well; atmosphere!
You truly feel that you play the role of Indiana Jones in an adventure only he could have, taking on Nazis and stopping them from finding the power of Atlantis.
So bad the sequels were so different in gameplay and not as good.

Another World. I don't have to explain this one.
Hard as hell but so pretty to look at.
Sharingan 17:42 3rd July 2007
Might as well add some of mine favourites as well. Just by reminiscing about these classics, I'm getting the urge to fire up the good ol' A500 again.

Powermonger: My all-time favourite strategy wargame. Still hasn't been equalled by any wargame so far, not even the Total War series. While it may be a bit shallow by today's standards, it's the fantastic atmosphere that made the game so compelling for me.

Sensible World of Soccer: Doesn't need much explaining, I think. Countless hours spent on this baby.

Utopia: Didn't get overly positive critical praise in magazines, but I loved it anyhow - again, because of the special atmosphere. The music was pretty spiffy as well.

Monkey Island 1 + 2: Also doesn't need much explaining. Wonderful humour, gameplay, music and graphics.

Flashback: Yummy goodness throughout.

Space Quest: This one made me laugh at a time when I didn't even grasp most of the jokes and parodical references. A timeless classic.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluuuuxe! If I ever smashed a joystick, it was during the matches against the highest-tiered computer controlled teams. They bloody cheat, I tells you.

The Chaos Engine: Oodles of fun, but mostly when you have a friend to play the game with. Mesmerizing graphics.

A-Train: It sure didn't look pretty, but I was addicted to it for the longest time.

Frontier: Visiting uninhabited planets and trying to land on them without crashing the spacecraft was strangely compelling.

Wings: Manfred von Richthofen, who? Waldo P. Barnstormer FTW

Pang!: Anyone remember this? I thought it was absolute brilliant fun!

Mega-lo-Mania: This one as well.

Populous II: Playing God has never been this much fun.

Dune: Nothing like the book, but it was a very charming game anyhow. Spent a lot of time trying to grow greenery across the whole planet - pointless, but fun.

UFO: Enemy Unknown: Bloody frustrating at points, but superb fun otherwise.

I could go on, and on, and on, but these are the games that I remember most fondly.
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