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Thread: What are your favourite Amiga games of all time?
Harrison 12:12 8th May 2007
Uridium 2 was definitely great game.
Demon Cleaner 12:35 8th May 2007
I played Uridium a lot on the C64, tough game. But it's indeed very good, but who wonders, there's no other else than Andrew Braybrook behind this.
Merlin 14:32 8th May 2007
Elite II
Brutal Sports Football
Wings of Fury
James Pond II: Robocod

Submeg 02:13 9th May 2007
Oh yea another wings fan
Harrison 08:59 9th May 2007
Is there any Amiga fan who isn't also a Wings fan? Such a great game I think it has to be one of the greatest Amiga games of all time.
Submeg 13:17 9th May 2007
Then where is a decent remake? Dont you think its about time there was one??
Harrison 13:58 9th May 2007
As with many remakes our hope and dreams could be dashed by a dismal remake. I still have reservations about the remake of Speedball 2 for example as they still haven't released any actual in game footage for that one which is always a worry.

Remaking any fondly remembered and classic game can have the danger of completely ruining the original's reputation and in turn put many people against wanting to try the original game to see that it was so much better.
Submeg 14:02 9th May 2007
But....but the graphics were blah, and redone now would be soooo nice!
Harrison 14:04 9th May 2007

Go and stand in the corner this instant young man!

Surely gameplay and great pixel art is enough for any to enjoy such a masterpiece as it is.
Submeg 14:13 9th May 2007 bad. I just meant the dogfights...when the planes were just a bit too far away, thats all that needs to be redone...
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