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Thread: Ready for a new PC
Demon Cleaner 21:10 29th July 2011
I ordered more RAM for the PC, lately when I'm doing stuff like copying, converting video, extracting, downloading... together, my memory usage goes up to almost 100% and the PC almost freezes. I checked today and I saw that the RAM dropped a lot in price. I go now 2x4GB Corsair for 50€. It's the Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1333 CL9 (9-9-9-24). My 2x2GB RAM I bought with the system were almost 150€.

Perhaps I can even fit the new ones next to the others, and keeping also the old ones, remember there was the problem with one RAM slot being blocked by the CPU cooler, making RAM with bigger heatsinks not fit. This new RAM doesn't have a big heatsink, so perhaps it will fit.
Harrison 23:40 29th July 2011
It should fit and you can have 4 DIMMs fitted at once. I've got 4x 2GB in my main PC, and I've yet to get anywhere close to using up the 8GB for anything other than video preview rendering in After Effects.

Ram definitely had dropping in price a lot recently. A bit surprising as I was thinking the recent Tsunami in Japan might have effected manufacturing and pushed prices up.
Demon Cleaner 02:23 30th July 2011
Originally Posted by Harrison:
It should fit and you can have 4 DIMMs fitted at once.
I know that, I just hope that they will fit, don't want to remove the CPU cooler.
Demon Cleaner 21:16 4th August 2011
RAM is installed now, fitted without problems, still some milimeters between the plastic of the fan and the memory.
Demon Cleaner 11:36 24th August 2011
That extra RAM really helps me a lot. When ripping Blu Ray discs or converting video files, it really shows. Whilst doing that, it takes already over half of the memory, like 6-7GB, which was not possible before, that's why it had these freezing problems all the time. It was so bad, that when you wanted to open a program from the taskbar, it took more than 5 minutes to open!!! Making it impossible to work, I always had to reboot the PC to free some memory again.

It's also a big change when having loads of tabs opened in Firefox, that was also slowing the PC down.

And of course extracting huge files kind of brought the PC to a halt.

At the moment I don't have any slowdowns, regardless of what I'm doing. I'm quite happy that I upgraded.
Harrison 00:05 25th August 2011
With intensive tasks it is always the amount of ram that will help the most. Much more than a faster CPU.
Demon Cleaner 11:54 9th April 2019
So here we are again. Lately I'm doing a lot again on my PC, reorganizing all my ROM sets and games and movies and series aso. And I noticed that my actual PC is struggling a lot lately, which makes working on it quite a chore, and takes even a LOT more time than eventually needed. If I have downloads running, archiving/extracting, plus copying stuff around and Firefox is open (which was now replaced by Chrome btw), then my PC almost comes to a stop, sometimes freezes then recovers, a bit painful is the least I can say.

So I thought that it's now 5-6 years old, perhaps time to finally get a new one, when I saw, to my surprise, that I bought it already in 2010!! Time passes very fast, didn't think it would have been that long, I remember it as it was yesterday. But then I thought that now would be even more the time to buy a new one, and I still have to check components, what I really want and need, but basically I'm still doing the same stuff on it, and multithreading is probably the most important in my case, gaming is not so much an issue, as I don't play AAA games on the PC, playing them on console, but I have a lot of games which are less resource hungry because they're already a bit older, or just not as demanding.

First I wanted to start with the right CPU, and AMD popped in my eye with their newer CPUs, the Ryzen models. The Ryzen 7 2700X seems to be interesting with it's 8 cores, would definitely not go lower than that. But I also saw their Threadripper (what a name) models, which seem to be ultra performant, the 16 core variant being the most interesting for me, as the 24 and 32 core ones are in a quite high price range still. What I have to do is find some good comparison between those two CPUs, and see if I would actually need a Threadripper. I have to add that the price doesn't matter, I buy a PC, as you probably notice, not on a regular basis, thus I want to have it future proof, and the price isn't so important. So I guess I might go with the 16 core Threadripper CPU.

Any thoughts?

Motherboard wise I think I'll go with the Asus Prime X399-A which seems to be really good. Didn't look and investigate others yet, this one popped straight away into my eye, but I might still do some research.

As I'll do with the RAM, I want to put 32GB, because in my opinion 64GB isn't needed, but of course I could be wrong. Now would be the time to decide anyway, so that I won't need to upgrade later.

GPU wise I guess I'll stick with a RTX 2060, the 2070 and 2080 still being too expensive, although sometimes the price between a 2060 and 2070 is quite small, also depending the maker. I don't know anything yet about the AMD GPUs.

EDIT: Was checking out the AMD GPUs, and I might as well stick with an RX590, first of all gaming isn't that important, and secondly, bigger factor, is that I only have Full HD screens, thus the resolution is lower.

I will also remove all my HDDs out of the case, putting them in an external enclosure, as I only need them as storage, but I have 6 of them, don't need them inside a case anymore. Plus I bought a 12TB HDD as backup for my collection, which will also fit in an enclosure, btw I bought one from Fantec, no RAID (still having my Synology), only the basic JBOD version of it. Will receive it tomorrow.

So I will only need to buy one disk, SSD of course, and will also have to decide which one. I guess a 500GB one is sufficient, having a 250GB at the moment, still free space, although only around 25%.

Any suggestions and thoughts are very welcome.

P.S.: I also received my new chair today, the amber Secretlab TITAN model, have to say, it's awesome

Harrison 12:45 10th April 2019
AMD processors are definitely finally the best gaming and general purpose CPUs again at the moment. I would only really recommend Intel for productivity because they do still offer some advantages for things like video editing, 3D rendering etc. GPU wise try to get a 2070 instead of a 2060 because it's more like a cheaper 2080 and will future proof you if you decide to upgrade to 4k monitors in thr future. However if you can find a reasonable second hand 1080 they actually outperform the newer 2080 in some tests.. although they seem to be commanding more second hand than they were new at the moment.

CPU I'm not 100% sure on the best AMD ones to get at thr moment because they keep releasing new models. If I were going Intel I would only invest in an i7 or i9 because they offer far more over the i5. But you are paying 3 sometimes 4 times thr prices of a similar performing AMD CPU so it really isn't worth it.
Demon Cleaner 21:52 10th April 2019
I was now comparing the AMD RX 590 to the NVidia 1660 Ti GPU, don't know if I want to go with a higher end card, my monitors are quite new and I won't probably change them in the near future, and as I'm definitely not into gaming on the PC, I might as well stick with a mid-range card. The 1660 Ti is slightly faster, and only a few bucks more expensive. Like I mentioned before, it's not that the price plays a big role, but I still don't wanna buy components, which are overkill for MY needs.

Also about the Threadripper I'm still puzzled. Do the 16 cores give me advantage over the 8 cores, is it overkill, I mean I don't work in video editing or such. But how much more does it give it when multitasking, meaning percent wise. Would I notice a difference? Because between those to CPUs is a price gap of 500€, which is considerable. And if I only gain 10% overall more, or if it isn't noticeable at all in my case, then it's definitely a no go. Second "best" is indeed the Ryzen 7 2700X.

Perhaps I should consider the 12 core Threadripper variant 2920X, which is price wise situated between the 2 others.

- - - Updated - - -

After researching and reviewing this whole afternoon, I came to a final (I guess) conclusion.

CPU: AMD Threadripper 2920X with 12 cores.

Going with this one, as it's still considerably faster than a Ryzen 7, although almost double the price, but still 250 cheaper than the 2950X, plus it comes very close to the 2950X, so value is a lot better.

Mainboard: ASUS Prime X399-A

Negative side of the Threadripper CPU is that there are not yet many TR4 mainboards on the market, and they are double the price of the Ryzen 7 AM4 mainboards.

GPU: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX Vega 56

The Vega cards are a bit faster than the RX590 models, having also 8GB, and in benchmarks they're even 10-15% faster than an RTX2060. Plus they are 100-150 cheaper. The Vega 64 models are quite expensive though. And as I mentioned before, I don't plan on playing GPU hungry games, plus I'm keeping my two 27" Dell Full HD monitors.

Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4-3200 Quad-Kit 4x8GB

Cooling: Noctua NH-U14S

Wanted to go with a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, but it has one big disadvantage, I goes over the RAM slots, restricting you to 45mm high RAM, and the Corsair I want are 51mm. Could go with G.Skill Trident Z, but they're 120 more expensive, for same speed and latency.

PSU: Seasonic FOCUS Plus Platinum 750W

Could also go with Gold and 850W, but I guess that doesn't make a big difference.

SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 1TB

Apparently the Samsung 860 Evo HDDs are still amongst the best on the market, and I think I'll go straight away with the 1TB model, as I don't plan to put any other HDD inside. Having a 250GB at the moment with 25% free space made me consider buying a 500GB only, but if I decide to install some games, it would be better on a long term to stick with a bigger disk, price wise there's not a lot of difference.

Case: be quiet! Silent Base 801 (or 601)

Still checking some reviews here, wanted to go with the big Dark Base Pro 900 rev.2, as it's the only one where you can still fit an optical drive, which I still will buy, as I have many data BluRays laying around, and ripping will be done. Plus it has USB-C 3.1 on the front, which the other don't have. Problem is that the tower is huge, so I'm still looking if I could go with the silent base models 601 or 801. I also have an external BluRay burner, so that's not too much of an issue.

Speakers: Edifier C2XD

I still have older 2.1 Logitech speakers, and I think it's time to change to something better and more performant, and I have the Edifier 2.1 speakers already for a longer time on my list. Great price/value.
Harrison 09:01 21st April 2019
Sounds like a nice setup. The Samsung SSDs are definitely still the best.

Regarding cpu cores, most people won't see much benefit above 4 cores most of the time. Although obviously if you have web browsers open at the same time as email, downloading things, converting files, copying etc it will always help because a different core can be assigned for each task.
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