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Thread: C64 music
asky1968 11:04 23rd April 2010
i used to have a pd disk for the amiga which had all lot off c64 music on it , i can,t remember what the disk was call can anyone help?
Demon Cleaner 11:39 23rd April 2010
Do you really want to play the music on your Amiga? If it doesn't matter where you want the files, use SidPlayer on the PC and download the High Voltage Sid Collection at
asky1968 11:46 23rd April 2010
this pd disk was really good but just can,t remmeber what it was called !!!!!
Spirantho 14:19 6th April 2011
Get a Catweasel and you can play mono or stereo SID music using actual SID chips. For that warm, fuzzy analogue feeling that no emulator alone can manage.
Harrison 14:37 6th April 2011
The Catweasel is definitely an interesting piece of hardware for this reason. However, now the Kryoflux exists, the Catweasel's worth as a floppy drive controller is less appealing. Shame really. If only the software and drivers were better. Better still, a new version.
domino350 22:41 3rd November 2011
I had that on my amiga too, I will have a look and see if i made a disc image of those get back to you soon. There are also plenty of sites which have C64 music to play or download for free.