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Thread: Different A500 versions
PO15KA 11:52 22nd July 2011
apologies if i'm reopening old thread...
this is also evident in Amiga 500 carton boxes, there were many Amiga 500Plus machines packed in A500 boxes with the Plus part added using a sticker
also the CD32 in many instances was shipped in an A600 boxes with a sticker again used to cover the description.

i'm actually thinking it would be great to have chronological amiwiki page to have these changes outlined with details and pictures.

best regards to all,
Harrison 15:24 22nd July 2011
Would definitely be interesting to have a page showing all of the different known boxes and packages that Amigas were sold in/as. If we can find pictures of all the packages and details of their contents then we can definitely create something.
Noncorpus 20:56 8th May 2014
one of my A500's has Kickstart 1.2, red Power LED, green Floppy LED, and has the (A) key instead of the (C=) key, and the (C=) Logo is not embossed
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