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Thread: Moving to Australia
J T 15:07 7th April 2010
Yo! I've been offered a job in Australia and am just in the process of applying for a visa (should hopefully be relatively straightforward as the company is sponsoring me).

Buleste 15:15 7th April 2010

You'll have to meet up with submeg.
Harrison 16:58 7th April 2010
Nice. Have you been out to Aus in the past, or will the move be the first experience? And what part of Aus will you be moving to?
Stephen Coates 17:20 7th April 2010
Sounds good .

Maybe we can all come and stay for a holiday in the later in the year .
J T 17:17 8th April 2010
The job is in a little town called Moss Vale, about 130km south of Sydney. The interview was done over the telephone, so I really don't know what to expect beyond the scope of the usual internet searches.

We've been before, we went to Cairns and were in Sydney for Christmas and new years 2007-2008. It was ace, even if we did stay in a hostle in a slightly crummy part of the city. I know that living and holidaying are two completely separate things, but it is still rather exciting. I haven't lived abroad before.

It's a four year contract and visa, I'll very much be a foreigner working in their country - but who know how it will go.....
Harrison 17:48 8th April 2010
When are you due to go?

You will have to posts lots of pictures once you are there. And being there for 4 years, maybe some on here might pay you a visit. Submeg at least is already there.
Phantom 18:30 8th April 2010
I wish you good luck to your new opportunity my friend.
J T 18:55 8th April 2010
We're aiming to be out there around the end of June so I can start early July.

Of course, once we are settled we would be happy to have people come and visit
Stephen Coates 07:19 9th April 2010
What kind of work will you be doing?

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay there, and well done for getting a job (I'm having trouble finding work even in my local area).

I would like to visit Austrailia sometime. I doubt it will be in the forseeable future though.
burns flipper 09:32 9th April 2010
They have Google Street View in Moss Vale and surrounding area, so you'll have to let us know your street if you move to that town.
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