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Thread: Amiga/Classic Computer Show Soon
StuKeith 21:19 3rd March 2010
Reading today in the latest copy of custom pc, that there is going to be a classic computer show in a cpl of months!

The show will consist of all classic retro machines with stands for Sinclair, Amiga, Atari, and other retro pc/gaming hardware.

Pixel8r will also be there making chip tunes from sinclairs, gameboys c64s and other 8bit machines!!!

Sounds good! I can scan the art if any1 intrested?
Harrison 00:38 4th March 2010
Sounds very good. If you could scan in the art/advert that would be great.
LizardKing 19:09 9th March 2010
I second the notion!
StuKeith 20:00 9th March 2010
Wll scann it in shortly!
StuKeith 16:22 22nd March 2010
Here you go as promised!
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[Reply] 19:18 15th April 2010
Bloody hell, they've advertised it well!
I already knew about the event .... it's happening @ Bletchley Park.
All going to plan, I will be going (and taking some Amigas with me)
StuKeith 22:09 15th April 2010
yep! Im planing on going too!
Sharingan 21:34 19th April 2010
This is brilliant

Nice to hear that there's still so much interest in retro stuff.

Won't be able to attend myself, but I'd love to see a report with photos and stuff.
[Reply] 11:56 19th June 2010
I'm attending this tomorrow ..... anybody else going?
Stephen Coates 14:21 19th June 2010
I was hoping to go on Friday and stay the whole weekend, but I would only have done that if I could have had a lift there either from South Yorkshire or from Lincoln, but that turned out to not be possible.

It will be a shame to miss it, but rockape says he has instructed the LAG members who have gone to take photographs .
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