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Thread: Only Amiga
Harrison 16:50 11th February 2010
The original..
Chewieshmoo 18:30 12th February 2010
Awesome of course, I wanted to download and found this much clearer version here:
Cortona 20:54 15th February 2010
Wonderful! Annoying!

I had that spinning digitised cat demo. Never seen it on the web though.

There was another one, not featured in this: a knight wielding a sword.
Phantom 17:41 11th March 2010
Geez... Why I always cry of emotion when I watch this?

Ahhh.... Amiga...
rbusa 19:34 11th March 2010
Only Amiga makes it possible
Demon Cleaner 19:53 11th March 2010
Omg, the song is horrible
Zirkie 22:08 15th March 2010
Gotta miss the 80's!!!
Phantom 22:45 15th March 2010
Gotta miss the 90s too.
Buleste 08:27 16th March 2010
I'm not missing the noughties though.