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Thread: Amiga OS4 only software?
Buleste 19:26 2nd May 2008
I don't use any file manger at all for either OS. DOPUS Magellen II is probably my least used piece of software i ever bought. I'm not sure if there is one for OS4 either. I know DOPUS4 was ported to MorphOS but nothing has been done for OS4.
Harrison 00:08 3rd May 2008
DOpus4 was and still is the best on the Amiga. Now that it is open source someone should port it to OS4. They have had since at lease as far back as 2003 to work on a port so it is odd that no one has bothered. The developer of the open source version even mentioned AOS4 on his DOpus 4 site, but sadly he stopped work on the open source project in 2004.
TiredOfLife 17:00 12th May 2008
There is an Opus4 version for OS4 already.
The dev has been busy but there is more to come.
Opus5 also works under OS4 but isn't native.
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