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Thread: Amiga OS4 only software?
TiredOfLife 17:14 28th March 2008
Will have to be careful taking screen shots of the video players.
Don't think I have anything to display that is erm SFW.
Buleste 15:30 29th March 2008
I forgot about Digital Universe the followup to Digital Almanac. I've downloaded and tested the demo and although the recommended spec is G4 800 it works much fater than DA ever did on mine and it looks good. Limited audience though.
Buleste 11:20 31st March 2008
Joerg Strohmayer has come up with an excellent piece of software. WarpOSEmu. It allows OS4 users to use most WarpOS software not by emulating but by creating a new powerpc.library that is optimised for PPC systems. I've tested it and Simon the Sorcerer II runs how it should and once i've got a few kinks worked out the so should Payback and then i'll try The Feeble Files.
I've done some screenshots but as i can only use Sgrab then some of the OS4 stuff is difficult to get grabs of. I'll upload them to the ftp.
TiredOfLife 12:32 31st March 2008
Now fixed my Miggy.
Will get on it.
Harrison 13:27 31st March 2008
Great. I look forward to the screenshots.
Buleste 14:36 31st March 2008
I've uploaded some screen shots of Reminisence (Flashback for OS4), Exult (Ultima 7 for OS4) and Digital Universe Demo.
Buleste 16:50 31st March 2008
As WarpOSemu and Warp3d generally get upset at each other when bad coding is used i recommend taking the HWdrivers out of the warp3d directory in libs at first to test the software. by doing this i gat Payback to work almost happily but most definitely faster and quite frankly utterly usable.
Buleste 16:41 1st April 2008
I've now tried Feeble Files (Created by the same people behind STS but with less humour and painfully slow on a CV64/3D) and Wipeout on OS4. Feeble file doesn't benefit from being run on a PPC only filesystem and Wipeout is a pain in the arse. I've managed to get it running under 3.9 and warpos for the first time ever but it's horribly slow with my graphics card and because i know very little about P96 i don't know how to use 15bit screen modes and i also don't know how to create custom screen resolutions so i've not been able to get it running on OS4
Buleste 20:23 1st April 2008
Ive also now tested Earth 2140 which has no benefits and Nightlong which is much faster in the higher screenmodes. Bizaarly i've was messing around with STSII and managed to get it running at a superb speed windowed under workbench so i've done some screenshots and have uploaded them to the ftp.
Buleste 10:44 30th April 2008
I've been in contact with Bill Eaves the developer for Digital Universe who is going to supply us with some screenshots of the full version for the website. He also informs me that DU is being updated to 1.6 very soon and is working on version 2.
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