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Thread: Amiga Christmas Tree 2009
Cammy 05:09 23rd December 2009
Hi everyone!

I've finished making the new Amiga Christmas Tree page -

I'm not a web designer and I didn't have much time left to work on the new page, so I hope you guys don't mind how it looks. If anyone knows of any more links to add, suggestions or corrections, please let me know. I can be contacted through MSN, email or private message on this forum. My email/MSN address is in my profile. I coded the website in HTML on AROS so it will be compatible with IBrowse and AWeb.

Merry Christmas
Harrison 09:58 23rd December 2009
The site doesn't seem to be loading for me. The browser keeps trying to connect to the server but says it cannot establish a connection.
Graham Humphrey 10:07 23rd December 2009
Apparently there's a problem with the server at the minute. I tried it with the same result. Apparently it was fine earlier so hopefully it will be sorted a bit later on.