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Thread: Hiscore Leaderboard
Harrison 22:52 13th February 2007
Welcome to the Hiscore Competition Leaderboard

Leaderboard Explained

With each competition the first three places in the Hiscore submissions win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place forum points prizes, plus an award under their name. In addition to this an extra leaderboard points award is given to the Top 10 Hiscoring members in each competition, and these points go towards their total Hiscore Competition total. These are then added to each members existing Leaderboard points to determine they placing in this overall Hiscore Leaderboard.

The leaderboard points awarded to each member at the end of a Hiscore competition are as follows:

Rank Leaderboard Points
1st 10 points
2nd 9 points
3rd 8 points
4th 7 points
5th 6 points
6th 5 points
7th 4 points
8th 3 points
9th 2 points
10th 1 point

The points are close together to keep the overall competition competitive, and should hopefully ensure no single member can run away with a score way out of the reach of any other member.

And to keep things consistent this same Leaderboard system is also being used for the Forum Arcade and Quiz sections.

Have fun and we hope to see you all taking part in the next Hiscore competition.
Demon Cleaner 18:34 30th March 2007
Classicamiga Hiscore Competition Leaderboard

RankNamePoints TotalMovement
1stP G32
2ndDemon Cleaner31-
10thGraham Humphrey9

Movement is the change in position for each member since the last competition.