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Thread: New Musicdisk from Void
Tiago 18:38 8th August 2009
Originally Posted by P G:
Welcome back from your vacation, Tiago.

Cool that you'll check out the production. Hope you'll enjoy the show.
Saw it today !
Great PG, that's very nice.
Do you have more? Even old ones, i am far from seeing all Amiga demos... and it's more interesting if any was made by someone you know
Puni/Void 18:58 9th August 2009
Thanks for the feedback, mate. I've done some other stuff. Will send you a PM.
Rebb/TRSI 18:47 25th August 2009
So you did get grips with asm coding! Great thing! Now get in touch, and we could do co-op releases?
Puni/Void 18:25 13th September 2009
Thanks for the nice words, Rebb. It's not ASM by the way.. I'll send you a PM.
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