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Thread: ADA (Amiga Demoscene Archive)
Puni/Void 12:38 11th July 2009
ADA (Amiga Demoscene Archive) has been closed.

Originally Posted by :
It seems the website was hacked so i took it down. At this point, i'm tired of fighting against fake registrations, hacks and other crap so it's undecided if it will ever return.

Many thanks to everyone who visited and supported this site. I could never have imagined this kind of feedback, support and friendly atmosphere when i started the site many years ago.

Keep creating demos and supporting the demoscene!!! z5/A.D.A 2001-2009
It's sad to see ADA fading away. Idiot hackers.
Tiago 14:20 11th July 2009
That's sad that there is not respect for your work.

hackers should use there knowledge for constrution not destruction.

Usually the ones who destroy never build nothing, if they ever did something that needs hard work, they would know what it is, and they would give it value.
Teho 15:00 11th July 2009
Argh, that was an excellent site! I can never understand the enjoyment someone gets out of tearing down other people's hard work. It really gets to me when these things happen. Wish I could get my hands on one of these idiots.
Harrison 16:23 12th July 2009
That was a great site, and very sad indeed.

What will happen to all the data they collected?
Shoonay 05:27 13th July 2009
Sad, very sad, saw the news on
Does some of you guys have any contact info and could maybe ask what about all the stuff they've collected?
Perhaps someone else could host it?
Harrison 12:14 13th July 2009
Exactly what I was thinking. I would be more than happen to host the information and files they have collected. However as their existing site must be prone to attacks, hence the closure, then I wouldn't want to open the CA server up to the same potential threats, so it would be of more interest to me to be able to merge their site data and files into the CA demo section we already have.

If anyone does have contact details I would love to contact them to ask.
Puni/Void 14:42 13th July 2009
I think the guy behind the project, z5, has an account at I can PM him for his e-mail if you want, or you can contact him directly yourself.
Harrison 16:02 13th July 2009
If you could that would be great. I've got quite a lot to be doing at the moment as it is, including a new project that I will reveal very soon...
Puni/Void 17:49 13th July 2009
New project? That sounds interesting. Can you give a hint or two at what it concerns. (Nosy-Parker here.)

I'll get in touch with the guy ASAP. I'll let you know when I've heard from him.
Harrison 22:41 13th July 2009
The new project is an idea I've had for a long time, and hopefully it will be something that can benefit the whole retro (and eventually more) community.
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