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Thread: ADA (Amiga Demoscene Archive)
my_lo 12:48 17th July 2009
Originally Posted by Harrison:
The new project is an idea I've had for a long time, and hopefully it will be something that can benefit the whole retro (and eventually more) community.
The second phase of the top 100 amiga games?
Harrison 16:43 17th July 2009
Nope. Not related to the Amiga, or the retro scene at all in a way. All revealed soon.

I've not forgotten about the second phase of the top 100. It will be coming soon.
Harrison 16:17 10th September 2009
I just noticed that ADA is back online.

Does anyone know what happened? Did z5 change his mind and start it up again? Or has someone else taken it over?
Rebb/TRSI 19:47 10th September 2009
It was indeed "taken over" by another guy, Todi. Many people offered help and support to keep the ada site alive.
Puni/Void 18:27 13th September 2009
Good that ADA is back in business again. It's a fine website and a good resource for demoscene stuff. Hope things will go better this time.

A Norwegian Amiga site was hacked a while ago as well.
Harrison 19:05 13th September 2009
Reading on their forum the new webmaster of ADA (the original owner seems to still be involved) said he completely rebuilt the site using newer versions of the software, so the old security risks allowing the site to be hacked should now be removed. This is great news as it means the site should now continue into the future.

And thank you for the info Rebb, great to still see you popping into the forums
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