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Thread: Local computer shops
Harrison 14:30 20th July 2012
Prices were not as steep though. PC World prices are just stupid. See unknowing general public ripped off because they don't know any better.
Stephen Coates 12:45 22nd July 2012
Originally Posted by Harrison:
See unknowing general public ripped off because they don't know any better.
Sometimes that's quite funny .
Harrison 22:52 22nd July 2012
True, sometimes seeing gullible people getting drawn into buying junk they don't need can be amusing. But a lot of the time I really have the urge to step in and tell them the truth.

The thing that winds me up the most is when they try to force a copy of Nortons or McAfee onto people buying new systems. Windows 7 comes with Security Essentials and home users really don't need anything else any more.
Stephen Coates 08:21 23rd July 2012
So, do you tend not to need security software on Windows 7?

My Dad and his girlfriend got a laptop from PC World last year. They got a good price on it though fortunately. Probably not a very good spec, but it does the job fine. I did instruct them to make sure they didn't buy any extended warranties or anything, but they did end up buying a copy of Norton.

I have heard that Norton is better than it used to be though, and as far as I'm aware, it hasn't caused them any problems.

Regarding PC World, I remember from years back, a topic on a forum somewhere, where someone had a virus which changed their IE homepage, so the computer got taken to PC World where they changed it back for a fee
Teho 09:35 23rd July 2012
My old ISP provides Norton as part of the subscription. I was with them forever, only changed ISP late last year so up until then have always had free access to Norton. I still never used it.
carvedeye 21:27 14th July 2013
I can remember in the mid 90's going to the 3rd floor in fenwicks in Newcastle town centre where they had all the consoles and computers there on display and would spend the full day playing on them, oh the good old days
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