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Thread: PPC Amiga demos
Harrison 12:44 26th June 2009
Do you know of some good Amiga PPC only demo productions worth seeing?

Obviously for most of us we are without a PPC enabled Amiga, so the only way to view these demos is via Youtube or another video source. This will never give the true experience of watching the productions on the real hardware, but it is better than nothing.

So far the following have stood out for me, with MadWizards creating the best:

Venus Art - The Field where I died

Total Vision - Gender Bender

Venus Art & MadWizards- absolon

MadWizards - Till i feel you

MadWizards - Cruel karma forms (great demo)

MadWizards - Glare

MadWizards - Heavy Traffic

MadWizrds - Fate Fits Karma

Encore - By Night
Puni/Void 12:42 27th June 2009
Nice thread, Harrison. Sadly I don't have an Amiga with PPC myself, so I'm stuck with YouTube as well. Anyway, here are some productions that might be of interest:

Mankind - Logik! (64KB intro)

Mankind - UltraPunch (64KB intro)

Potion - Future Visions (64KB intro)

Potion - Planet Potion (64KB intro)

All four are worth seeing. Especially the two by Potion. Enjoy the show!