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Thread: Cabinet wanted
Demon Cleaner 11:43 20th March 2009
I still want a cabinet to put into my living room, but I don't want an old one. I'm searching for a new one with a nice configuration.

I knew a site in France called Army of Dreams, but it seems that it's not existing anymore, at least the site isn't. Yesterday I found a nice site in the UK called Turnarcades, and they build a nice model called The Master, found here, but unfortunately they don't ship cabinets overseas anymore

Here's what one of the guys replied to my mail:

Originally Posted by Turnarcades:
Hi Gilles and thanks for looking

We used to ship cabinets outside of the UK but unfortunately several cabinets were damaged in some way and the high price tended to put people off, plus UK customs have become stricter on the export of electronic goods so there were sometimes additional charges for us.

This is not to say you couldn't have one though and if you were to take a road trip yourself I'm told you would not be subject to the same checks. We have had several customers from Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and France come and collect their own with no reported problems. Alternatively we may be able to send our 'bare wood' flat pack kit over, but I'm unsure of the courier charge of this size kit. I know the cost of one of our 'Mini' kits was 80 to Belgium when we sent one before.

You may be able to find a suitable courier yourself for the kit but I'm afraid we currently can't risk sending another full machine as we cannot vouch for it's safety and we may be subject to charges we do not anticipate.


Craig @ Turnarcades
That is very sad to hear, as I thought that cabinet looked very good, you could configure it with several options, and it isn't that expensive.

My question now is if anyone knows another reseller of cabinets, preferrably here in Europe, not in the UK. And I want a new one, I don't like to build one myself or to refurbish one.

(Or can just someone buy it for me, and then send it )
Buleste 12:03 20th March 2009
Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?
Demon Cleaner 15:25 20th March 2009
Originally Posted by Buleste:
Is this the sort of thing you're looking for?
Exactly, and this one looks great, although very expensive. The one I wanted is the following:

It looks great and you still can configure some stuff, like a bigger monitor, other controls or better speakers. And that's one only for 799. But as I mentioned, they don't ship it anymore. But for that price I could easily take a trip there and send it to me myself.
Harrison 15:58 20th March 2009

They make their cabinets to order and do ship worldwide.

Also take a look at

Gremlin Solutions are the official UK distributor of X-Arcade hardware, and also supply a lot of other arcade cabiniet releated stuff, including refurbished original cabiniets!
v85rawdeal 18:20 21st March 2009
Phew! I thought this thread was about our government!!!
thirtywinter 18:35 21st March 2009
Heh.. I thought this topic would be about a TV stand or something like that.