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Poll: I left the Amiga scene because...
I left the Amiga scene because...
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    Thread: What made you leave the Amiga scene?
    Harrison 14:51 5th March 2009
    When Commodore started to decline and developers stopped creating new games for the Amiga many users abandoned the system and moved on to use other newer games consoles, or the PC.

    What was your main reason for leaving the Amiga scene? And what made you eventually come back?
    Tiago 15:43 5th March 2009
    I think you should put one more line in the poll:

    "- i really don't know"

    my case, i think i wanted to play new games with higher graphics.
    I remember when i saw one of the first cd-rom games for PC: Megarace, with that 18 minutes intro.... i cannot describe what io felt that day.... i saw the intro 3 or 4 times before played the game, the intro was so so so good i cound believe... that day i felt that i should get a Pc....
    But i should never get rid of my A600HD in that time.

    And why i get back?.... well the Amiga days where the best computer days of my life... i only get this conclusion after a big time, the day i felt this was the day i join CLASSICAMIGA!!!!!
    thirtywinter 16:42 5th March 2009
    Closest I could find for me was that the Amiga technology became outdated. Or should I say that everybody else caught up and then surpassed.. however you want to put it.

    Reason for coming back.. well.. Hmmm.. Nostalgia.
    Harrison 17:23 5th March 2009
    I had a similar experience regarding the PC.

    Until the 90's PC games has been stuck with CGA and then EGA graphics, and horrible internal speaker beeps for sound. And the games looked horrible, with the sort of colours you see programmers pick when they are left to "design" something themselves!

    But then in 1988 PCs gained VGA graphics cards and the first Adlib sound cards. This gave the PC sound equal to the ST (so still not as good as the Amiga at that point) and VGA graphics that finally allowed PC games to look nearly the same as the Amiga versions.

    Then in 1991 the PC had SVGA graphics with 256 colours and higher resolutions, and the first Sound Blaster sound cards with PCM audio which finally could prodice audio better than the Amigas.

    However it was in 1992/3 when the PC finally started to overtake the Amiga in terms of power and the best versions of new games being released. Many Amiga games released at this point had better 256 colour versions on the PC.

    But for me, like so many others, the first PC game that really impressed me was Doom in 1993. That was the first PC game that brought it home to me that the Amiga was suddenly becoming a dated hardware platform, and the more expensive PC was starting to run away as the best home computer gaming platform. I remember standing outside a computer shop and just watching a demo of Doom running on a PC and being blown away, also knowing I couldn't afford a PC at the time. But also knowing my A1200 still had some life left in it for a couple more years at least. At least for all games that didn't need full 3D to run.

    There was also Wing Commander. A CD32 version was available, but the PC version was still better with higher resolution graphics. And playing the CD32 version I knew it was nearing the end for Amiga games.

    However what really impress me and blow me away in 1993 was seeing X-Wing. It was at that point that I knew I would eventually have to buy a PC.
    thirtywinter 18:15 5th March 2009
    Yep.. as nice as I thought Doom was it was X-Wing that made me admit that I would move to the PC eventually. I didin't see any way that the scale of X-Wing being possible on most Amigas of the day.

    That being said, Tie Fighter beat the crap out of X-Wing when that was released.

    pew pew pew
    v85rawdeal 18:45 5th March 2009
    Originally, I needed the space and gave my A500 and stuff to a charity store... but quickly realised it was a mistake.... And I got myself an A1200 as soon as I could.
    Puni/Void 18:46 5th March 2009
    I chose the last option in the poll, as I never left the Amiga Scene.

    Today I use the Amiga for various tasks like programming, drawing, gaming and watching demos.
    Harrison 23:06 5th March 2009
    Originally Posted by thirtywinter:
    That being said, Tie Fighter beat the crap out of X-Wing when that was released.
    Definitely. Tie-Fighter was a brilliant game, and still is. I bought the re-released Gold edition that contained both X-Wing and Tie-Fighter in 1998, with both games having been enhanced, and the X-Wing version updated to use the Tie-Fighter game engine. Was a great box to get.

    And then there was X-Wing Alliance which allowed you to pilot a whole series of freighters from the Millennium Falcon range of ships. That was a great game too.

    Gone a bit off topic I know, but the X-Wing series of games were great. And it is about time they made a new one. Imagine one now with current PC hardware.
    Stephen Coates 23:22 5th March 2009
    I never did leave it.
    TiredOfLife 23:28 5th March 2009
    I'm posting this using AOS4.1.
    Never left.
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