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I left the Amiga scene because...
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    Thread: What made you leave the Amiga scene?
    xpect 18:42 16th June 2009
    Never left.

    Used my Amigas professionally for music at a daily basis till the end of 1999. My Amiga 4000 had the same WB3.0 install for 14 years till I decided to install 3.9 at the end of last year.

    I have PC's since 1996. I bought my first one a Pentium 166 MMX because of the Encore scoresheet music program, nothing related to gaming. I used the A4K for MIDI sequencing daily with Bars&Pipes and Samplitude for audio editing. Only jumped to the PC fully when was inevitable softwarewize at the end of 1999. And guess what program i'm using on the PC also, till today? Yes, Samplitude. Now in version 10.2.
    Demon Cleaner 19:49 16th June 2009
    There's still no option for me?

    I could get a good PC for very cheap and I really thought that PCs would make the future. That was in 1993, and I was right (no flaming now please ).
    Harrison 12:15 17th June 2009
    You were right though. The PC did (sadly) eventually take over the home computer market and ended up being the future.

    But in terms of leaving and coming back to the Amiga, you did do that as you sold your Amiga to help fund your PC purchase, but have since returned via emulation, and also your more recent purchase of an A1200 (even if you never use it).
    Demon Cleaner 12:45 17th June 2009
    I still had my 5A00 when I got my PC, but sold it later as I really didn't have any use for it anymore. And at that time it got 10.000LUF which is 250 and was a lot of money.

    With my starting interest in emulation with MAME in its early years, I also started to emulate my 2 favorite systems, which obviously were C64 and Amiga. In the beginning I used Fellow, which was faster than UAE (no WinUAE yet), and immediately started to enjoy the Amiga games again a lot. Previously I already bought another C64 which was also set up, and then I decided to also acquire an Amiga again. And then started the whole emulation mania and computer/console collecting.

    You're right about my A1200, I bought it, used it for a week, and then I put it on the shelf, where it still is, just in another house
    Harrison 13:05 17th June 2009
    So you in reality never really left the Amiga scene, still using Amiga software via emulation, so the last option applies to you I think.
    Demon Cleaner 13:33 17th June 2009
    From my first PC until first emulation there was an Amiga gap, I now chose the 2nd option.
    Vangar 07:30 29th June 2009
    Originally Posted by P G:
    Hi there Vangar! A bit off-topic perhaps, but why did you move to Canada? Is it something work related?
    So-so. Its a nice change from Australia (sort of, i like Australia's weather better) But I also have moved here to be with my Girlfriend for 2 years. I really need to get on this forum more... Ever since the move to the new forum years ago i stopped coming as much as I did! I even have it on my shortcut bar in firefox and just never know what to post here...
    Phantom 15:13 15th April 2010
    I know that's an old story, but I have to say my opinion too.

    I just never abandoned Amiga, it's simply as that. When Commodore went down, I just loved Amiga much more than I did.

    It's like a machine with spirit, you can easily hear her whispering at you at sometimes...

    But whatever happens in the future, it will not change my mind and love about Amiga.
    Sharingan 22:54 19th April 2010
    That's pretty deep, man

    I suppose I never really abandoned the Amiga, since I regularly dug up the machine just to have a go at one of the classics. However, the frequency of that happening did decrease after I first bought a PlayStation, and after that, the PS2.

    I never got into PC gaming, however. I wasn't particularly impressed or even interested in all the FPS games like Doom, and for some reason, I felt somewhat hostile towards anything PC-related. It wasn't until 1999 or 2000 that I first bought a decent PC for University work. The only games on the PC that I did want to play were the strategy games, which the consoles mostly lacked.
    AD-RS1600i 19:10 10th September 2010
    What a great post - I thought I had to reply to such a great topic of conversation

    I was really late to the Amiga scene having stuck with my trusty ZX spectrum +2 right up until the commercial death of the platform in late 1992 - late 1992/3 I brought a A1200 through really being pushed into it by a mate.. you see, I really wanted a A600 with the internal hard disk for the same money... (I thought it was cute and I wanted a hard disk machine) It turns out he wanted the free software from this CA ? club 'members only' deal he got me...

    I guess because I really wanted a A600 with the hard disk, I fell out of love with the A1200 very quickly, saw X-Wing on the PC and promptly sold it 6 months after I purchased it and put the money towards a nasty DX33 with 4 meg of RAM, 80mb double spaced disk and no sound card that would sort of play X-Wing...

    I guess up until 92 I wasn't that bothered about the Amiga and actually didn't really like it as to my mind it was causing the demise of my beloved Spectrum platform (I was young!!). What changed my mind was the vibrancy of the platform, the demo scene particularly, and if I am honest the struggle to maintain it dispute the hardware beginning to age compared with the PC.

    In 1997 I brought a A600 second hand for 20 which I completely fell in love with, buying a Viper 630 with 8 meg, an internal hard disk and some other bits and piece - I never got it to boot and got ripped off by this Amiga dealer in London who I trusted to fix it but that is another story.....

    So for me my love for the Amiga platform is the story of triumph over adversity - come on, if we are honest, as a 'modern' computing platform Amiga should have been dead by 1995 specification wise especially with the parent company gone. Yet the shear brilliance of both private individuals and companies like Power Computing that not only got the Amiga out of the 90s with upgrades like their 030 and 060s boards but well into the 00s with the next logical step the PowerPC boards, simply stunning - the Amiga dead, not on your nelly!! Come on? With Moore Law stating quite correctly that computing power doubles every year - how on earth can some of you still be reading this post perfectly in the year 2010 on an Amiga 1200 that came out 17 years ago - pure human genius, I believe, the romance of which I am a total sucker for - quite rightly

    What about now? Well at the age of 31 I am finally going to build my A600 (the same one from 1997) with a Internal harddisk using two brand new pieces of hardware - the A603 ram expansion & ECS flickerfixer flicker fixer board

    For me it is all about triumph over adversity - hence why I feel out of love with the PC world - game/ OS to slow? Replace you hardware 'guv.............

    Sorry war and peace!


    PS - same with the Speccy to a lesser extent - how on earth could you buy a 48k in 1982 and still buy brand new software for it in 1992 - 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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