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I left the Amiga scene because...
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    Thread: What made you leave the Amiga scene?
    thirtywinter 00:40 10th March 2009
    Hmmmm.. never heard about that one. Then again, I was never a big Trekkie anyhoo. Although I will confess that I did purchase.. what was it again.. Star Trek: Klingon Academy or something like that and enjoyed the heck out of that one. Got that one after I got Total War.. aaaaah.. that was a good summer.
    [Reply] 13:08 10th March 2009
    ..what? I never abandoned the Amiga! Here to the end!
    I still use my Amiga on a daily basis!
    thirtywinter 18:06 12th March 2009
    Originally Posted by Harrison:
    Alliance might run on current PCs as it was Windows 98 and Direct X based. I will have to see. Would be cool to get it running on a newer PC.
    Bah! It looks like they installed just fine on both Vista and XP, however, much to my chagrin you require a joystick to even be able to start the game. Man!

    Harrison 00:12 13th March 2009
    You mean you don't have a joystick? I have my trusty Amiga Competition Pro plugged into my PC at all times (via a USB convertor). Works great too.
    thirtywinter 01:22 13th March 2009
    I used to have one, but I lost it during a move. Well.. this gives me an excuse to get a new one.
    Harrison 11:45 13th March 2009
    The Xbox 360 wired controller works perfectly with XP and Vista and is one part of the 360 that M$ actually designed well, although Sega did originally give them a hand designing the original Xbox controller, based on the Sega Dreamcast one, so it was bound to be quite good.
    thirtywinter 00:02 6th April 2009
    I finally got around to getting a wired 360 controller and it works like a charm. Very nice! The button arrangement on TIE Fighter didn't make any sense to me at all. Is there any way to change that other than in the game? (I didn't see any obvious way of changing that in game at all)
    Vangar 16:14 12th May 2009
    Well i dunno about the actual amiga, But i moved from Australia to Canada and its taken me about 5 months to get back to thinking about this site. Been here a long time and dont post often enough. I need to get motivated to do so. Back when Classicamiga started to now, I think this site rocks.
    Puni/Void 19:09 14th May 2009
    Hi there Vangar! A bit off-topic perhaps, but why did you move to Canada? Is it something work related?
    Shoonay 09:41 16th June 2009
    I voted was a mistake and I soon came back!

    Oh well, you know... in late 1996 my best gaming friend got himself a PSX so we became huge fans of it, then in January of 1997 I got meself one too and the madness started. Amiga went sitting on my desk and waiting for better times.
    Then in December of 1998 I got meself a PC (Celeron 333 with a shitty ATI card that couldn't run Carmageddon 2 at an enjoyable frame rate), around the year 2000 I got me very own dial up modem and spent way-too-much-cash on every day irc.
    Finally, around 2002 I think, I discovered that Amiga is still alive and kicking and there are a few great portals in the Internet.
    Thanks to a good new friend from I managed to get a HD working with my A600, copied almost all of the ~350 floppies to it and never looked back at a disk drive.
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