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Thread: Favourite demo effects?
Puni/Void 20:41 27th February 2009
There are many different effects to be seen in demos. Shadebobs, plasmas, scrollers, phong shaded donuts and so on.

What is your favourite effects?

Are you a fan of those old unlimited bobs routines or does a texture-mapped tunnel get you all excited?
Puni/Void 20:18 5th May 2009
I think many of the old 2D effects are quite entertaining to watch. I therefore enjoyed the new intro from Neural called Retro Intro. Have you any of you seen it?
Harrison 21:20 5th May 2009
Favourite effects... hmm... I've always like text scrollers that use reflection effects. And also any effects that do something different and unique with the Amigas blitter and copper effects.
Teho 15:33 6th May 2009
Hard to pick out a favourite type exactly, anything can look pretty cool when done right. I did tend to enjoy the various dot routines back in the day though.