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Thread: Mediocre games you enjoyed?
Harrison 14:06 12th February 2009
Over the years there have been some truly dire games released on all platforms. We can instantly think of some really bad examples, such as ET on the Atari 2600.

However have you ever played a game that didn't receive very good reviews, but you personally really enjoyed playing?

One game that I really enjoyed was The Fifth Element on the PSX. This received some very bad reviews and scores on release. However a friend of mine was a big fan of the film so bought the game on release. He bought the game round and we played it one afternoon, and I really enjoyed it. So I borrowed it from him that week and completed it.

The game is a third person action shooter, similar in idea to Tomb Raider, but a bit more limited. The game roughly follows the events of the film, with each level being a section from the film, such as the airport or city. The graphics were not as bad as the reviews made out, although the draw distance was very short, which made the platform jumping sections quite hard to negotiate. Sometimes you couldn't even see the platform you were meant to be jumping too. And the camera wasn't that great in some levels as being at the right angle to see where you were going.

However, even with the flaws I really enjoyed it. I must have, because I wouldn't have completed it otherwise.

So any games you liked that were not giving a good review?
Demon Cleaner 16:00 12th February 2009
Can't remember one right now, but you also should make an opposite thread, like "Top games YOU didn't enjoy". I would put Fallout 3 in that category (so far).
Tiago 16:49 12th February 2009
I remember that "Litle Big Adventure (LBA)" didn't had a great review as i remember
I think was a "medium/average" game, but i loved it. By that time the game was in my opinion very nice, with excellent graphics, and i nice story.
I dont remeber the year but it was more then 8 years ago... maybe more.
Puni/Void 20:56 12th February 2009
Many years ago I purchased Burntime through mail order. Must have been in 1994 or 1995 or something like that. As many of you probably know, this a post-apocalyptic game and a blend of role-playing and strategy.

I had a lot of fun playing it. It was interesting to discover new locations, like towns, and of course to talk to characters in the game (which you could sometimes recruit). To stay alive you had to kill dogs or find maggots to eat. You also had to get water as well. This could be a bit stressful at times, because your character could suddenly die of thirst (if I remember correctly, many years since I played it). You could also do trading with merchants and even build stuff like a radioactive protection suit!

Burntime got some bad reviews in the various magazines of the day. This was partly due to a horrible combat system. Despite this, I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I will play it again sometime in the future.
Harrison 23:54 12th February 2009
Originally Posted by Tiago:
"Litle Big Adventure (LBA)" didn't had a great review... but i loved it. By that time the game was in my opinion very nice, with excellent graphics, and i nice story... I dont remeber the year
I also loved Little Big Adventure. When it came out on the PC in 1994 I didn't have a PC as I was an Amiga devotee, so couldn't play it. However it was later released on the original Playstation in 1997 so I bought it straight away and really enjoyed the game.

I'm sure I remember it getting quite good reviews when it was originally released on the PC. I'm not sure what the reviews were like for the Playstation version as I just bought it on release as I wanted the game anyway.

Great puzzles and a really nicely designed game world.

Did you ever try LBA2? Also called "Twinsen's Odyssey" in some countries. I've not tried the sequel, but might still try to find it.
Tiago 09:19 13th February 2009
Originally Posted by :
Did you ever try LBA2? Also called "Twinsen's Odyssey" in some countries. I've not tried the sequel, but might still try to find it.
No didn't try. I didn't know there was a sequel... i must search for it
Demon Cleaner 13:52 13th February 2009
I also enjoyed Little Big Adventure and played it on the PC. As for Burntime, I only played it to do some screenshots, but without having a manual, I was a bit lost.
Niagara 20:26 14th February 2009
This is one i am enjoying now; Team 17's F-17.

I didn't like it at first because of the steering and difficulty in passing adversaries, but i kept playing it just because i loved the sprite of the main car, the good graphics and smooth enough scrolling.
It looked good enough to keep me going.
Then i got into the game and was very cautious in overtaking my opponents.
The damage counter and pitstops add to the suspense.

Once you get used to the steering and are not afraid to use the brake (Which is suicide in other racing games) this budget game is pretty enjoyable!

Ghost 22:58 14th February 2009
Bad Blood, another Post Nuclear game, sort of Fallout light.

Its quite basic really and despite being advertised as a RPG I would call it an action adventure game.
[Reply] 19:45 1st March 2009
Although the game was naff, I enjoyed Fist Fighter on the Amiga for about five minutes.
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