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Thread: The loss of a loved one
Ghost 04:59 7th February 2009
That is sad

My condolences.

It is never easy loosing a loved one.
v85rawdeal 17:35 7th February 2009
There is not much more that I can add to that which has already been said.

My thoughts are with you, Sarek.
Chewieshmoo 23:08 8th February 2009
That is so sad, my condolences. Such a horrible thing, I don't know what I would do without my loving wife. I am so sorry to hear this.
TiredOfLife 22:26 10th February 2009
Sad news indeed, my condolences also.
sarek2k 02:36 17th April 2009
Thank you all for you support i know this is a very late reply but i'm sure you all understand!

Nothing has ever rocked my world like this has! I'm trying my best to get through and friends / family are helping me but it's the toughest road i've ever travelled.

it's been 3 months now since the loss of my wife and it's not getting any easier just yet i know it will be quite a while to at least get back to being happy in life.

With the help of harrison i've setup a tribute site it's not finished yet i still have many photo's and albums to go through infact it's even hosted on classicamiga space (i don't get any space with my internet)

again i can't tell you how much your messages of support helped me in the early days and even now, i've lost my intrest for Amiga computers and computers in general, but i have not lost faith in the community of sites like classicamiga & amibay etc i don't know if i will have the same enthusiasm i once did but only time will tell.

Maxine always supported me in computers and what ever i wanted she always allowed me to get be it Amiga / Pc whatever never did she say "do you really need one of those" God bless her she was one of a kind.

Thank you one and all especially Harrison.
DaZZaBoY 21:34 21st July 2018
I've only just come across this thread and it deeply saddens me to read Marks words.

Due to Mark passing away recently, I've been looking back at our old chat logs and finding his last activity on the Amiga forums. He never really regained interest in the Amiga community after his wife passed away but he threw himself into the church and helping the local community. His passing has left a large hole in many peoples lives.

At least you can be with Max now m8.

You will be missed, we had a bloody good laugh!!!

RIP my friend
Harrison 17:01 22nd July 2018
It was quite a shock when I was told Mark had recently passed. He will always be remembered for his passion in the Amiga community, especially pixel based graphics which he definitely had a talent and passion for.

I'm sure everyone here will join me in saying what sad news it is to learn of Mark's passing, and to join me in sending our love to the friends and family he leaves behind and to just say his memory will live on in the retro community, especially in the banner logo which he created and will remain the site logo into the future.

RIP Mark.
Demon Cleaner 19:47 22nd July 2018
Very sad news indeed, I didnít know he passed.

RIP Mark!
J T 23:01 22nd July 2018
Aww, man, that's sad to read.

We're all getting older
Kin Hell 09:47 5th August 2018
Cya Mark.
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