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Thread: Amiga world competition. Miggy or emulation?
Tiago 10:51 6th January 2009
some mounths ago i watch some excellent demos from world competition where Amiga will in some categories to PCs. I remember the demos from Black Lotus, they are fantastic.

But now i have a question:
- how they get in the competition, with real Amigas or with emulations like Winuae?
I think it should be in Real Amigas, like A4000 with 68060. But can they go for competition and show a demo thru winuae? will that be considered a Amiga Demo???

I remember i saw the Black Lotus demos in winuae, and i remember that i was only able to saw them with 040 or 060 with a lot of memory.
Harrison 12:22 6th January 2009
That is an interesting point. I'm not sure what the stance is with the demo scene and the demo scene party entry systems, but I personally think real Amiga hardware should be used because the whole original point of the demo scene was to push the hardware and show your group's abilities at creating something special with the hardware available.

If you were allowed to develop Amiga demos via emulation you could achieve much more than is easily possible from real Amiga hardware. You can have as much ram as you like, easily add RTG graphics support, much faster 68K CPU speeds than a real Amiga... etc which would make the whole reason for it being an Amiga demo slightly pointless.

@PG do you know if emulation is in the rules of recent Amiga demo party entries?

And for that matter, what about other platforms like C64? I know a couple of recent C64 demos won't run on standard real C64s.
Teho 14:51 6th January 2009
Different parties have different rules, but the standard is that the party organizers provide one or more computers as "compomachines", be it PCs or Amigas, and provide the specs for them. Entering a production that requires a different spec or system is normally ok, but you must provide it yourself. Not sure what's the actual stance on emulators, but I know Amiga and C64 entries are normally run on real hardware.
Demon Cleaner 18:04 6th January 2009
It's easier in the C64 case, as you only have one single hardware.
Harrison 01:52 7th January 2009
That is true. Unless you include the custom C64's with faster CPUs and more ram.
Buleste 08:31 7th January 2009
The good old 20Mhz with 16MB RAM C64s. I'm getting one when i win the Lotto.
xpect 20:37 7th January 2009
One particular demo was finished in WinUAE because the Apollo 060 break up on the flight to the scene compo. So to this extension WinUAE worked really well for the programmers. But on the scene party normally the demos are run on real hardware, if not provided by the organizers, because of a particular configuration, then by the group who posts the entry.
Puni/Void 11:16 15th January 2009
Originally Posted by Harrison:
@PG do you know if emulation is in the rules of recent Amiga demo party entries?
As mentioned earlier in the thread, demos are normally shown using *real* hardware. That said, there are quite a few people who have made productions using an emulator. Sometimes this can cause problems when the demo is being run on a real Amiga for example.