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Thread: The Scene Archives
Puni/Void 10:56 21st January 2009
Originally Posted by Harrison:
Alternatively, you could wait until I've managed to download all of the set and then I can burn you a copy and send it to you on CD.
Thanks for the offer, Harrison. It would be excellent if you could do this for me.
Harrison 04:21 24th January 2009
This archive comes with a search utility called SASU (The Scene Archives Search Utility) that allows you to search for any demo on the set of 12 CD's and then extract the DMS file from the CD back into a floppy disk.

The latest version of SASU can be found on aminet here.

Each disc also includes a text file listing the CD's file contents. I have attached a copy of these text files for you all to look though to see what is included on the discs.
Attached: The Scene Archives.rar (264.7 KB)
Puni/Void 15:11 24th January 2009
Thanks, Harrison. Will have a look at those text files.
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