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Thread: 1541
loopy 03:17 18th November 2008
Does anyone remember those old original soft floppies.
I'm not sure but may have been used on the comodore 64's as an external drive.
I believe they were 1541's also there were 1571's
Does anyone know what the difference in the two were.
I have the pin outs here for the 1541 if need.Years ago a friend had a 1541 hooked to his A500 and stored all his pirated games on it.
Harrison 03:31 18th November 2008
The 1541 was the famous 5.25" floppy drive for the C64. This followed the 1540 which was for the Vic 20.

The 1541 was a single sided 5.25" floppy disk drive capable of storing 170KB on each size of a disk.

The 1570 was an upgraded version of the 1541 for use with the C128. And the 1571 was a double sided version of the drive with a total capacity of 340KB.

The next Commodore model was the 1581, which was their first 3.5" disk drive for the C128 and C64, giving 800KB storage capacity.
loopy 03:49 18th November 2008
Ok Thank you Harrison.
Which means if old mate had games like classic board games and they were no bigger than 340 KB he must of had a 1571. Not much value really but I do have the pinouts if all want to convert over. (lol.)
loopy 09:25 18th November 2008
You got me thinking Harrison.
My first computer was a VIC 20 but it had a cassette tape to save and add stuff to.
The only games we had then were a few we coded in basic from a manual or some code books that came with it.
I was second hand and even had a printer.(big time huh!.)
Tiago 10:45 18th November 2008
VIC 20 ??????????????? that a big piece of history mate!!!
Do you have any photos of it?
Demon Cleaner 20:53 18th November 2008
I still have two 1541 drives and one 1541 II which had an external PSU. I also have some datasets, two 1530 and one 1531 which is black and is for the Commodore 16 and Plus/4 series.
loopy 21:04 18th November 2008
Hey to you Tiago,
Sorry mate no pic's.
I bought the vic 20 about 1987-1988 and it was second hand.
I couldn't afford an A500 then as they were still about $800 or better but my Father, Brother and Uncle had bought new 500's.(all were 1.3 wb)
I next bought a second hand A500 + with a A590 20 MB harddrive probably by the end of 88 early 89.(has 2.0 wb)
Still got the 500 plus and A590 and still working.
Then I bought a new A600 but carn't remember how much I paid for it.
Still got it and the last time I used it, it was working fine.(has 2.04 wb)
Latter I bought an A1200 and it was in a computer shop window as a demo unit, the keys had discoloured from the sun. They couldn't sell it and I got it real cheap, though it still had original box and manuals.
This is now in a old server tower and other than the 24 speed cd rom and the 3 1/2" 800 MB harddrive is totaly stock.
I gave all my amiga stuff away at the start of 2008 and only just got it back a few weeks ago.
About the time I was looking for stuff for the tower I was buying old pc's for cables and power boxes and would often come across A500's at the tip shops - junk shops
and bought some.
Now I have 5 - A500's (wb 1.2 and 1.3 )working and some for spares.
loopy 03:10 19th November 2008
Hey to you Demon.
Would you be able to send in pic's of the 1541 II as I'd like to see it.
Also pic's of the 1530 and 1531 please.
Thanks heaps,
Demon Cleaner 21:54 19th November 2008
The 1541 II floppy drive compared to the 1541

The 1530 dataset (always white (or grey if you want))

The 1531 dataset (always black)

loopy 22:43 19th November 2008
Hey to you Demon,
Thanks for the pic's, did enjoy them certainly bring back memories.
Never seen the black 1531's before, they look really good.
I never knew the cassettes were 1530-1531,s just cassettes.
Have you ever toyed with saveing data from a 500 or what ever on these.
Bet there not for sale.
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