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Thread: Featured Demo Scene Sites
Harrison 11:33 6th November 2008
Do you have some favourite Demo Scene Sites that you would like to share?
Harrison 11:48 6th November 2008
To get things started...
This site is dedicated to remaking Amiga cracktros so that they run on the PC. Great site to explore some of the best cracktros released. Note: You need to register on the site before you can download anything or make comments.
A cool site focusing on recreating some of the best cracktros using Flash, so you can then view them in your browser! Quite a cool site to explore. This has just got me thinking. I wonder if they would allow us to integrate the Flashtro remakes into our demo pages? Would be cool to have them playing in the pages without needing to download them or stream video.
Demon Cleaner 12:35 6th November 2008
Harrison 15:03 6th November 2008
For me this is one of the greatest resources for the demo scene. It is great to use to explore the whole scene across all platforms.
Demon Cleaner 15:21 6th November 2008
Warlock's ADF Archive is one of the first Amiga demo sites I visited. I don't know if it's still updated, but it has a lot of old school and very known demos.
World of Cracktros has a download file which contains 1153 cracktros. The site isn't updated anymore since 2003 though.
Cortona 18:48 6th November 2008
Puni/Void 19:56 6th November 2008 (Huge archive of Amiga demos, intros, diskmags, packs and so on) (The FTP version of the above site)

A.D.A - Amiga Demoscene Archive (Great site featuring a lot of demos with screenshots, comments, downloads and a discussion forum.)

Bitworld (Large database of Amiga demos)