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Thread: Favourite PC demos
Harrison 23:07 14th October 2008
We mostly talk about the Amiga demo scene (obviously). However I'm interested in the demo scene on all systems, be it retro computers or consoles, and current PC's and consoles.

And some of the best demos I've seen recently that contain real artistic merit have to be on the PC. Therefore I thought I would share some of my favourites and see what you thought of them.

1) fr-55: 828

The first is by one of my favourite groups Farbrausch. A group famous for the quality of their productions and the skills they possess. This production, released in 2007, is for me possibly their greatest production to date.

It contains a lot of emotive visual and audio content and needs to be watched to experience it. It can feel a little creepy and disturbing. The closest I could come is to say it has the feel of the end of the film 2001. It is quite an amazing production that you need to see.

2) Chaos Theory by Conspiracy

This 64K demo is a bit older, released in 2006.

I love the style of this productions. Grainy visuals pulling inspiration for the graphic design deconstructive movement. It shares something with the first demo in that it contains elements that could be compared with the film 2001. However this one is much faster, most for chaotic and distorted and I love the drum and bass sound track.

3) Lifeforce by ASD

This next one is quite different to the other two. The music starts of much softer and the visual style is completely different to te previous two productions. However as it progresses the music does become heavier as the production's visuals get darker. It contains historical themes and elements, but also come quite contrasting 60's style pop art sections. Quite a strange demo as for me the part with the VW beetle doesn't quite fit. However it is worth watching just for the final sections of the producton once the heavier music cuts in.

4) Aesterozoa by Kewlers

I love the visual design of this 64K production. Mixing organic fluid motion with typograhy in a very subtle way.

More to be added soon...
Tiago 12:33 15th October 2008
I was very impresses the first time i saw "Second Reality" many many years ago, it was superb for the time.

Chaos Theory is brilliant
Puni/Void 20:13 15th October 2008
I've watched a lot of demos throughout the years, but not many on the PC I'm afraid. I know that there are quite a lot of decent productions for the platform, many from former or still active Amiga groups.

Here's two of my favourites:

- Second Reality by Future Crew

I agree with Tiago on this one. I was quite impressed when I first saw it. It's still good today, which I believe is a bit due to the excellent music by Purple Motion.

- Inside by CNCD

This great demo won the demo competition (PC) at The Gathering 1996 in Norway. Several Amiga sceners where involved. Has some fine effects and cool design. At the time of release, this demo rocked.
Cortona 19:49 16th October 2008
I've just watched fr-55: 828. That's 8 minutes 39 seconds of my life I'll never get back... Just kidding. Technical wizardry, although not entirely to my taste. Incidentally, if you like the soundtrack you might like the ambient works of Murcof.

I could count on one hand all the PC demos I've seen (and on no hands all the Mac demos I've (n)ever seen!). The first was an amusing little monochrome animation called Mount, from over 20 years ago.

I think I prefer demos that show off the maker's imagination and creativity, rather than those that emphasize technical ability. That said, the 4K/64K types are very impressive. As I've mentioned elsewhere, Atrium by TBL/Loonies is stunning.

I like this surreal cartoon from very much. I find it hard to imagine anything like this coming out of the UK, but that's just my ill-informed opinion.
premium 14:43 17th October 2008
Stargazer rulez. Stargazer at
Cortona 19:04 6th November 2008

Just amazing 3D modelling...
Harrison 23:46 6th November 2008
Definitely some great 3D skills in that Donuts demo. Not just the modeling, but lighting and texture work too. Looks great. Almost good enough to eat! Now where can I get a ring donut with jam in the middle?
Cortona 18:52 21st November 2008
This is interesting: someone's hooked up their PC's graphics card to a 'scope in X Y mode. It's pretty hard to read the scrolltext sometimes, though.
Demon Cleaner 19:11 21st November 2008
Puni/Void 18:01 19th December 2008
Originally Posted by Cortona:
This is interesting: someone's hooked up their PC's graphics card to a 'scope in X Y mode. It's pretty hard to read the scrolltext sometimes, though.
That's just amazing. Never seen anything like that. Thanks for posting this, Cortona.
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