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Thread: Favourite PC demos
Demon Cleaner 18:21 19th December 2008
I actually posted it here
Cortona 20:09 7th June 2009
When I saw this - Rupture by Andromeda Software Development - I thought it was really different. I can't remember ever seeing a demo like it before. Very good effects, although it's not easy to tell with YouTube's crap quality video (my connection to is painfully slow). Then it struck me where I had seen it before: the video for 'Take On Me' by Norway's very own A-Ha. Well, it's a similar visual effect. Good though.

On Pouet | YouTube
Puni/Void 14:31 8th June 2009
I agree Cortona, that's one good demo. Have seen it before and will definitely watch it again. Another hit from Andromeda.
Harrison 17:07 8th June 2009
I agree. Rapture is a cool demo. I loved the blue TRON style 3D graphics and the red/orange heat effects reflecting through them. And the actual effects used to do the transitions between each of the main features 3D models was very nice too.

The only thing I thought negatively about it was how the demos story kind of lost any meaning. It began with an interesting video message, then bike speeding away, cutting though the road. But then when it got to the truck it kind of lost its way.
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