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Thread: Fund raising
Tiago 15:16 3rd March 2010
More 5 Pounds,
next month i will do it again :-) keep up the good work mate!
Harrison 15:16 3rd March 2010
Thank you.
Tiago 12:47 19th June 2010
More 10 pounds.

Keep up the good work!
Submeg 20:15 5th February 2011
Just sent through 20 Pounds, seeing as I haven't gotten around to it! Hopefully it will help when upgrading in the near future
Harrison 20:17 5th February 2011
Thanks mate. Very much appeciated.
Tiago 08:02 3rd October 2012
Just send 5 pounds.
Can't give more, Portugal as you know is in deep shxx...
Keep up the good work
Harrison 11:05 3rd October 2012
Thank you. Every little helps.

I hope the recession isn't hitting you too bad personally. Isn't good anywhere at the moment.
Tiago 12:19 3rd October 2012
i lost +/- 1600 euros per year, direct downgrade in salary , but everything is expensive, so i have less money with less power to buy anything.
Today government will announce new measures... again... someday they will not have anything else to cut, so probably they will cut us an arm, or a leg...
Harrison 13:28 3rd October 2012
Sorry to hear you had to take a pay cut. Not good.
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